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Wyoming partners with Idaho National Lab for research and development of advanced nuclear reactors

Dry storage drums at the Idaho National Laboratory can safely house spent nuclear fuel for decades, according to the US Department of Energy. (DOE/INL)

CASPER, Wyo. – The State of Wyoming partners with Batelle Energy Alliance, the operating contractor of the Idaho National Laboratory, for “research, development, demonstration and deployment of advanced energy technologies and approaches “, Governor Mark Gordon’s office said in a press release. out on Wednesday.

The new partnership will focus on the nuclear fuel cycle of so-called “advanced” nuclear reactors, with Wyoming set to become the home of TerraPower’s Natrium demonstration project. The $4 billion sodium-cooled fast reactor is expected to be built at Kemmerer and could be commissioned as early as 2028, according to TerraPower.

“While the Natrium project is a good start, my intention is that we will also be able to establish a sophisticated and advanced nuclear industry and manufacturing capability using Wyoming uranium, Wyoming technology and Wyoming workers. “, said Gordon in the press release regarding the new memorandum of understanding with Batelle Energy Alliance. “This memorandum of understanding will contribute to that effort.”

The five-year agreement between the state and Batelle Energy Alliance will allow research and development of hydrogen production, transport and consumption in industrial applications related to nuclear technology and will also explore “other systems advanced energy sources through a regional to global approach,” according to the press. release states. It also encourages cooperation between the state and the Idaho National Laboratory for Training and Education or the uranium and nuclear energy industries.

“This memorandum of understanding formalizes and structures a relationship that has developed over several years,” said Dr. Glen Murrell, executive director of the Wyoming Energy Authority, in the press release. “INL’s expertise and impartiality will play a critical role in the continued execution of Wyoming’s overall energy strategy.”

The full Memorandum of Understanding is available online.