Vocational training

Vocational training program supports working children in Herat

A vocational training program has started in Herat to support working children. The program, supported by international organizations, will benefit at least 1,600 students, boys and girls, officials said.

The program officials added that they pay each family of the children $70 so that they do not force them to work on the streets and instead let them study.

“Here we have about seven vocations, four of which are male and three female. Female-only occupations are advanced tailoring, carpet weaving and handicrafts, and male-only occupations are industrial electricity, mobile repair, LCD screen repair and advanced carpentry,” Feriadon said. Rahmanyar, responsible for the vocational training program.

Officials say the program is funded by UNICEF, Save the Children, the World Food Programme, the European Union and a German aid organization.

“I’m so happy they gave me a vocation, now my family and I are relaxed,” said Mahmood, a child laborer.

“I want to continue my education and have better income in the future,” child laborer Ahmad Faizian told TOLOnews.

The program organizers have stated that this professional program lasts 6 months.

According to statistics from the Department of Labor and Social Affairs of Herat, compared to the last two years, the number of working children has increased by 30% in this province.

“Two years ago, the number of working children was 9,000, but today it could reach 15,000,” said Mirza Mohammad Abumansour, director of Herat’s Department of Labor and Social Affairs.

Earlier, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said it considered Afghanistan a dangerous place for children.

According to UNICEF, the economic crisis, hunger and poverty directly threaten the lives of children.