Vocational training

Vocational training leads the way

The government’s recent initiative to increase the number of overseas workers and provide skills development training to over half a million people is to be commended.

As the population of Bangladesh grows and the global demand for skilled labor grows, investing in the continued development of our workers will become all the more imperative.

Skills development is absolutely essential if the economy is to become more globally competitive and realize the full potential of our demographic dividend. This is all the more important as the market for migrant workers expands and diversifies.

Japan has been seeking foreign countries to fill respectable roles in the entertainment and cooking industries, a lucrative opportunity for Bangladeshis as Japan has expressed interest in hiring labor from our country . As countries like Canada move towards increased investment in agricultural sectors, this is another avenue that can be a potential hot spot for our migrant workforce.

However, alongside investing in community skills, the administration must ensure that the safety, security and human rights of individual migrant workers are of paramount importance. This is particularly remarkable when looking at the security and human rights situation of our workers in the Gulf countries, and how our embassies have repeatedly failed to protect our people. .

Overall, the measures taken by the authorities appear to be on the right track.

Improving skills training will not only allow the country to create more high-value jobs at home, but it will also increase choices for workers going abroad by equipping them with more marketable skills.