Vocational training

Vocational training helps boost rural revitalization in Xinjiang: resident_英语频道_央视网(cctv.com)

URUMQI, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) — Faculties and students of vocational training institutes in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region said on Sunday that the region promotes vocational training for rural employment and entrepreneurship to stimulate rural revitalization.

They denounced allegations of so-called “human rights abuses” and “forced labor” in the region as baseless and malicious slander by Western anti-China forces.

Alimire Ahmat teaches modern pastry at a vocational college in Aksu Prefecture. She is among the faculties who shared their stories at a press conference held in the regional capital Urumqi.

Alimire Ahmat said textbooks and student training supplies are free and parents expressed hope that their children could learn multiple skills in middle school.

She said many of her students worked in their hometowns after graduation and some started their own businesses, which makes her very proud.

Kamilijan Maimeituxun, a vocational trainer in Hotan prefecture, said Hotan holds a vocational skills competition every year. Participants have grown from around 120 to more than 300 this year, with categories growing from seven to 12.

Once students have mastered their skills through training, they can find jobs and increase incomes for their entire families, he said.

Kamilijan Maimeituxun said he was born and raised in Hotan and has witnessed the changes in his hometown in recent years. He stressed that only Xinjiang people have the right to say whether life in Xinjiang is good or not.

Xinjiang has guaranteed workers’ legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law on employment equity, social insurance and work safety, among others, said Hayrat, the host of the press conference. Sunday.

Western anti-China forces, out of ideological bias, ignore Xinjiang’s extensive efforts to protect human rights. He said “this is nothing but a human rights double standard, and their sinister intentions to smear Xinjiang will never succeed.”