Vocational training

Vocational training gives ray of hope to internal refugees from Syria

the Ataa Association for Humanitarian Aid, a non-profit organization registered in Turkey, established the Ataa Vocational Training Institute in June 2020. The institute was established in Idlib, about 35 kilometers from the Turkish border in an area beyond the control of the Syrian government . It receives financial support from SPARKa Dutch non-governmental organization.

In one video Posted on YouTube, the association says more than 4,000 applicants applied for the institute’s courses in just one week, of which 352 were accepted.

“Preference has been given to vulnerable groups of people with special needs, widows and orphans,” Fayadh Shoghari, director of the institute, said in a phone conversation with Al-Fanar Media.

The institute issues certificates in 12 specializations for young people between the ages of 16 and 30, Shoghari said. Of the 330 students who graduated, more than 40% found employment in their specialty, while others started their own businesses.

Among those attending his classes are students who were unable to complete their studies in other parts of Syria, where the higher education system has collapsed.

After a study period of three to six months, graduates obtain a study certificate. Trades taught include electrical installations, sanitary installations, appliance maintenance, solar energy system maintenance and installation, confectionery and baking, men’s hairdressing, women’s hairdressing and hairdressing. sewing for women.

A desperate flight to safety

Al-Amouri said that after his training, he set up an appliance servicing business in Atma, a town further north in Idlib governorate. The city is home to thousands of people displaced from war zones inside Syria.

In his appeal to Al-Fanar Media, Al-Amouri described the experience of leaving Kafr Zita.