Vocational training

Vocational training centers will reopen

The virtual reopening of vocational training centers across the country took place yesterday and was chaired by Labor Minister It Samheng and about 200 others.

The ministry said it was necessary to reopen the centers in order to train the skilled workforce to work in the current job market.

Samheng said that before obtaining the right to reopen the training centers, the ministry must submit a complete standard operating procedure (SOP) to the National Covid-19 Control Committee (NCCC) for review and approval. the reopening of the centers.

Ministry spokesman Heng Sour said Khmer time yesterday that to date, there are 199 vocational training centers across the country.

“Among them, 38 training centers are public establishments and 161 training centers are managed by the private sector or NGOs. Every year, more than 60,000 students graduate from these centers and find employment in today’s job market,” Sour said.

“In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, training centers have provided online courses to students and equipped the centers with adequate materials for online courses,” he said.

Sour added that online courses do not really meet the needs of vocational training centers because students need to practice in a real workshop or laboratory.