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Victoria offers free solar training with free TAFE short courses

The Government of Victoria has been funding free TAFE courses for some time and the latest to be added is solar training. The idea of ​​the free TAFE is to encourage people to train in industries that face labor shortages.

Given the massive uptake of rooftop solar in Australia, it looks like the government continues to see this as a growth area for the state and is investing in the skills to get more people installing solar renewable.

Andrews’ Labor Government is expanding training for solar workers under Free TAFE, helping to support the burgeoning solar sector to reduce emissions and lower electricity prices for more Victorian families.

After a two-year pilot, the Working Safely in the Solar Industry course will be added as a free TAFE short course from July 1, 2022. To meet Victoria’s growing demand for solar installation, the course has been expanded to be offered at 12 TAFE. – including seven in regional Victoria – after the pilot initially offered it at just four locations.

The two-day training – now mandatory for all on-site workers in Solar Victoria’s programs – equips electricians, plumbers, solar PV and battery installers and their apprentices with the skills they need to install solar power systems. photovoltaic and solar water.

Solar Homes has saved almost 200,000 Victorians on their electricity bills. As this program grows, we’re making sure tradespeople who install solar energy learn the skills they need to work safely – for free.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews

The Labor government has provided a $2.1 million upgrade for Holmesglen’s Moorabbin and Drummond Street campuses, creating world-class facilities for solar workers to learn in an environment that simulates the building sites they will work on.

More than 190,000 Victorians gained access to a discount on solar panels thanks to the government’s $1.3billion Solar houses program, reducing household energy costs and creating 5,500 jobs by halving emissions by 2030.

Free TAFE short courses do not affect a student’s right to later access a full free TAFE course if they decide to upgrade or change careers along the way.

Since the start of 2022, seven more full qualifications have been added to Free TAFE – bringing the total number on the roster to over 60, with new qualifications in high-demand sectors such as veterinary care, recreation and health, outdoor leadership, training and assessment, health and workplace safety, IT and supply chain operations.

Trialling this program has seen thousands of workers train for our growing solar program – and adding it to Free TAFE on an ongoing basis will make it even easier for them to learn the skills they need for their jobs. .

Minister of Training and Skills Gayle Tierney

the Free TAFE The list of courses is revised each year to provide training for sectors of industry with skills and employment demand – reducing the barriers for all Victorians to get the skills they need for the job they need. ‘they wish.

Free TAFE has saved Victorian students over $240 million in fees since its introduction in 2019, helping over 100,000 people access the education and training they deserve. For the complete list of free TAFE courses, visit