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Tutors International explains why a home tutor means parents don’t have to choose

When a young person shows a particular talent for something outside of the regular school curriculum, parents can feel torn between nurturing their talent and ensuring a high quality academic foundation. Elite courses the society, International tutors (TI), say a full-time home tutor is the best way to accommodate professional training without it coming at the expense of a top-notch education.

International tutors is a tutoring company specialization in the search for the ideal full-time residential tutor for HNW and UHNW families. They carry out a personalized global search for the ideal tutor for each client, according to their individual specifications.

This bespoke recruitment process means that Tutors International has over twenty years of experience in finding high quality private tutors for a range of circumstances and specialist needs. This includes finding tutors who work to support children with an extracurricular orientation. It could be that they cover university studies on a flexible schedule that accommodates training in a different discipline, or it could be that the tutor themselves doubles as a coach or trainer in a role hybrid.

Education of Young Athletes and Sportsmen

Tutors International has found that the demand for in-home tutors for aspiring youngsters athletes increased. Intensive training programs and frequent trips for competitions means that regular schooling is not compatible with the lifestyle of young athletes. Educational consultant and founder of Tutors International, Adam Callerasserts that this should not mean that young people pursue their goals at the expense of a higher education:

“The good home tutor works with the lifestyle and goals of the family and nurtures the skills and talents that their student wishes to pursue. Many parents feel that when their child demonstrates a natural gift for an extracurricular effort , they must choose to follow this path or pursue a university education.This is a false dichotomy if one considers a personalized full-time home tutor.”

“Tutors International have recruited for a variety of these roles, but the one that comes to mind is a lad called Alex who competed in karting at international level. Since Alex had one of our private tutors – who was also his personal trainer – he has achieved incredible success in his karting career, while excelling in his studies. One-to-one tutoring can be a quick and effective way to transform children’s learning and athletic performance. For Alex, his Sporting commitments were not limited by his schooling, and likewise his education did not suffer despite extensive training and go-kart racing.

It’s not just international karting that TI tutors have supported; a young man in Italy wanted to become a tennis professional and was unable to fit his tennis training into standard schooling. His parents wanted him to attend a full-time training center without any reduction in the quality of his education. TI found him the perfect tutor. The tutor prepared the boy for a full range of GCSEs, which the boy passed at A* and A, then the parents opted for an American college. This meant a change of tutor to the American system. The boy was later accepted to Columbia – while engaging in dedicated tennis training.

TI has recruited tutors with equestrian experience, sailing qualifications and even diving expertise. No matter the specialist vocation, a tailor-made tutor will be found to welcome him alongside the academic education.

Billie Eilish: Homeschooled Actors, Singers, Performers

A specialist home tutor is also ideal for young people with a career in the performing arts. Young dancers, actors and singers need extensive training and travel, and that doesn’t necessarily mean a disrupted upbringing. A full-time home tutor can work around jobs and training and even travel with them to job sites.

Billie Eilish is probably the most famous popstar in the world right now. She brought homeschooling to the center of media attention and public debate, as she and her brother were homeschooled to allow them to pursue musical endeavors. In addition to accommodating her musical talents, homeschooling also allowed Billie to practice horseback riding and the aerial arts. Homeschooling made for “a home that emphasizes creativity” (Los Angeles Times). Each household will want to emphasize different qualities and practices, but the idea of ​​a bespoke home tutor is that whatever they are can be cultivated.

Passing the torch in family businesses

The nature of Tutors International’s UHNW clientele means that many children of clients are willing to follow in their parents’ footsteps; these could be world leaders or world businessmen. For this reason, clients will want to learn skills and critical thinking from an early age to better prepare them for potential roles later in life. This type of coaching can also be done with a perfectly suited tutor.

Tutors International: World leaders in full-time home tutors

Eventually, a full-time home tutor allows autonomy. It allows greater freedom of action over what young people wish to pursue and does so without parents feeling that fostering professional endeavors conflicts with higher education. Tutors International’s world-class standards make it The best choice for bespoke home tuition in the premium education market.

If you’re looking for ways to welcome extra-curricular talent into your child, or find a flexible and personalized approach to education for your family, make a preliminary inquiry with Tutors International today: https://www.tutors-international.com/contact/client-enquiries/

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