Top 3 Trendiest Engagement Parties Making Waves this 2017

Planning a wedding requires pre-planned organization and a lot of footwork months prior to your actual day. Before anything else, you may have to plan your engagement party. These days, millennials choose to have close knit engagement ceremonies with great food and music in comfortable locations, similar to your local function venues Healesville has.

The following tips break down the “engagement party” for smooth sailing all the way to your actual wedding date:

Cocktail Engagement

If you and your fiancé have a large group of friends and family and love a good menu, the cocktail engagement is perfect for you. By booking early at any of the function venues Healesville has, you can customize your menu according to your favorite dishes with most venues equipped with in-house catering. Instead of playing music from a speaker system, think of a local band that you and your friends love to go see and see if they are available to play at the venue on your engagement day. If you have a friend with a turntable, ask them if they would like to host as a DJ to transition your classy cocktail party into an evening dance-off where the whole family can join in as well. Cocktail parties are a great hassle-free option once you have secured one of the many function venues in your community since the dress code is usually semi-formal and brides can allow a bigger budget for their wedding dress.

Indoor Garden Party

Depending on your budget and the type of weather you may be facing in the coming weeks, and indoor garden party sounds like a safer alternative to hosting a party outdoors. Venues in your town like function venues Healesville provides, allow plenty of space to decorate their multifunctional venues for hire with flowers from your favorite florists. Instead of splurging on flowers that may need to be imported from other cities or countries, speak to your florist about beautiful wild flowers they may easily obtain in bulk from the outer regions of your city. Also, seasonal flowers from your area will look and smell just as great as exotic ones, which may cause unforeseen allergies. You can visit your local party planners or antique shops to see whether they have metallic pieces on hire or rent which will look great as decorations near your gorgeous bouquets. Indoor garden parties are all the rage, especially with elderly family members who would rather stay warm or dry indoors.


A trend particularly started in Oriental countries, a luminescent engagement party is exactly what it sounds like! Pick a venue with a lot of indoor space like your local venues for hire Healesville provides and decorate it with lamps and lanterns of all kinds. Not only does the soft, yellow light makes for great engagement party pictures, it also sets a very relaxed and romantic tone to the entire affair. You can order great aesthetic tungsten bulbs from sites online or ask a local artist friend to put together a few light installations to decorate your venue. The humble string Christmas lights also make for great wall décor where you can string up pictures of you and your fiancé all around the venue for guests to have a look at.

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