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Summer Fields School organizes a professional training program for skills upgrading

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Summer Fields School organizes a professional training program for skills upgrading

Posted May 13, 2022

Government-supported JSS certificates were issued by Summer Fields School under the Vocational Training Program

Gurugram : Summer Fields School today hosted a skills training workshop to upgrade the skills of DLF support staff and community members with a 4-month basic computer language course. The session also aimed to familiarize participants with online tools for communicating, connecting, exchanging technology and assessing the accuracy, credibility and security of material. The session also aimed to help them specialize in MS Office, MS Word, email and Internet use. Interns also attended regular soft skills development seminars to strengthen their verbal and interpersonal communication skills. In addition, English grammar lessons were also provided to help them master the four fundamental skills of the English language, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Vocational training contributes significantly to the empowerment of young people, as well as to their autonomy and economic stability. With this objective, Summer Fields School had set up its first vocational training center in 2021.

The school started the training program with forty participants in two groups for two hours in October last year. The course ended with an exam conducted by Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS), an Indian government organization under the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship.

An awards ceremony for participants was held on May 13 and was honored by Dr. Ameeta Mulla Wattal, President and Executive Director of DLF Education, Innovations and Training, Schools and Scholarships, as well as of Colonel Arun Sindhwani, Chief of Security (SVP), DLF. Each participant received two certificates – one from Summer Fields School for completing the course and one from JSS, based on their performance.

Speaking at the event, Dr Wattal highlighted the role of DLF schools in taking meaningful action for the betterment of the world. She also quoted a quote from Gandhiji that always inspires and motivates her: “A thousand candles can be lit from a single flame, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.

Along the same lines, Jasmeet Chandok, Community Outreach Coordinator, Summer Fields School, said, “We are delighted with the success of the first of many professional skills courses offered by the Summer Fields School. The trainees appreciated their return to school, especially those who may not have had the opportunity to complete their studies before. We are confident that the course will not only act as a change agent for them, but will also add positive value to their lives.

“Vocational training programs have made a big difference in the lives of so many young people. We at Summer Fields School are proud to have started this initiative that will help today’s youth improve not only their technical skills, but also their communication skills. These opportunities would help them utilize their talents and grow in their respective fields,” said Soumya Taneja, Junior School Principal at Summer Fields School.