Vocational training

Statement from the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training

The Ministry of Education, Technology and Vocational Training wishes to inform the public that the ministry and its stakeholders are in consultation with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) regarding the CAPE results of the June/July 2021 exams.

Following the publication of the grades, it was brought to our attention that the grades obtained by some of our students did not correspond to the expected grades.

Accordingly, the Ministry met with the President and representatives of the Barbados Association of Public Secondary School Principals, the President of the Barbados Secondary School Teachers’ Union, representatives of the National Council of Parents Associations of Barbados students and the Barbados Parents Group joined with student advocates to discuss issues regarding the exam.

On Wednesday, November 10, for the first time as a unified organization, the ministry and its stakeholders engaged CXC on exam-related issues of concern. A second meeting was called for Monday, November 22, and it was indicated that after an initial review, adjustments would be made to some of the ratings previously issued. Revised grades are subject to final approval.

CXC assured the ministry that the revised ratings will be released next week. After the release of the grades, the ministry will announce the winners of the Barbados Scholarships and Exhibition.

The Department thanks the public for their understanding in this regard and will continue to provide updates on this matter.

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