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Short courses in public health – Faculty of Medicine and Health

Sydney Professional Certificates

Sydney Vocational Certificates are micro-titles comprising two units of study. These are flexible courses designed for healthcare professionals who are short on time and want to undertake studies in specialist areas.

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Study units without scholarship

These individual study units can be taken through formal enrollment without a scholarship. This allows you to receive credit points towards a relevant University of Sydney degree. You will be required to complete assessment and review tasks.

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Public Health Short Courses


  • Research Ethics: Explore the ethical foundations of research endeavor in humans and non-human animals, including rationales for engaging in research and fundamental ethical issues arising from research.
  • Public health ethics: an overview of the ethical and political issues that underlie public health and public health research.

Clinical epidemiology and biostatistics

  • Introduction to Linked Data Analysis: This 5-day course introduces the topic of Linked Data Analysis at an introductory to intermediate level. It familiarizes researchers, clinicians, and health service managers with the theory and skills needed to analyze related health data.
  • Writing and Editing Medical Articles: Learn why, what, where, and how to get your article published in this short, hands-on course.

Health policy

  • Business of Health: This course provides a systematic introduction to how the Australian healthcare system works as a business system.
  • Evidence into Policy and Planning: This short course will equip you with knowledge of a range of theoretical frameworks and approaches to develop an understanding of the relationship between evidence, policy and planning.
  • Foundations of Health Technology Assessment: This unit introduces all aspects of the assessment, monitoring and reassessment of health technologies and services, as well as the processes and techniques used to support funding decisions public (investment or divestment) in Australia.

Qualitative Health Research Methods

These short courses are variants of study units accessible by direct registration. This allows you to complete the unit without formal university registration. You will receive a certificate of completion, however, you will not receive credit points for a University of Sydney degree.