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Senators encourage several US centers for semiconductor production, research and development

Senator Mark Warner met with researchers and leaders from Virginia Tech on September 22 to discuss the CHIPS and Science Act for America. Courtesy of Virginia Tech.

As the Biden administration begins work to implement the CHIPS and Science Act, several senators who voted in favor of the legislation are encouraging the Department of Commerce to put in place crucial initiatives.

The senses. Americans Mark Warner of Virginia, John Cornyn of Texas and Mark Kelly of Arizona lead eight senators in a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo arguing for a decentralized “hub-and-spoke” model for the National Semiconductor Technology Center ( NSTC) and the National Advanced Package Manufacturing Program (NAPMP), according to a press release. The model would establish centers of excellence around the United States instead of a centralized facility limited to the resources and forces of that state or region.

“Allowing the NSTC and NAPMP to draw on experts, institutions, entrepreneurs, and private sector partners across the country would best position these programs to fulfill their missions of advancing semiconductor research and advanced packaging, coordinate and intensify ongoing workforce development efforts, promote geographic diversity, and ensure the long-term competitiveness of the United States in this critical technology sector,” wrote the legislators in their letter.

The NSTC and NAPMP are designed to accelerate production of semiconductors in the United States and advance research and development in accordance with the Conducive Semiconductor Production Incentive (CHIPS) Creation Act for the United States. ‘America. The letter was also signed by Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

“Such a model would allow them to leverage the strengths of experts, research facilities, and private sector partnerships and consortia across the country. This model would consist of central research facilities with centers of excellence in various locations across the country where there is particular expertise in memory, logic, conditioning, testing, or other elements of the semis ecosystem. -drivers,” the letter reads.

According to the senators’ letter, this approach was recommended by the President’s Advisory Board on Science and Technology in a report to President Biden.