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Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford announces new online professional short courses and extends its partnership with 2U, Inc.

OXFORDEngland and LANHAM, Md., August 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), a global leader in education technology, and Said Business School, University of Oxford, today officially announced the creation of six new GetSmarter professional short courses on high-demand and market-relevant business topics, from “the future of real estate” to “emergency preparedness. to climate change”. This brings Oxford Said’s total number of GetSmarter short courses to 18 since it began its partnership with 2U in 2017, with at least one more set to launch in the coming year. An extension of the partnership between 2U and Oxford Saïd until 2024 has also been announced, marking an ongoing collaboration to deliver a range of high-quality short courses on cutting-edge business topics.

The six courses, which began rolling out this spring and are currently open for enrollment, last six weeks and are designed to provide learners around the world with flexible, high-quality skills development programs. As with all GetSmarter short courses, these online programs will help professionals and leaders around the world advance their careers and prepare for the many business challenges and opportunities ahead.

Courses officially announced today include:

“At Saïd Business School, our goal is to equip global leaders with the skills, perspectives and experience to become truly dynamic leaders and shape a stronger and more equitable future,” said Sue Dopson, Acting Dean and Professor of Organizational Behavior at Oxford Said. “Our expanded partnership with 2U to create and power these courses has been fundamental to achieving this goal, with over 20,000 learners worldwide reached to date, and we look forward to training even more professionals on these growing business topics. more important and relevant.”

As businesses and governments continue to fight COVID-19 and prepare for the post-pandemic economy, business leaders will increasingly be called upon to develop innovations, strategies and solutions that not only protect shareholders, but also position companies, NGOs and organizations as leaders in social, environmental and economic equity. Acquiring the skills to quickly move on these trends and implement quick fixes will be imperative to success. Indeed, according to a recent survey by McKinseymany executives reported that, during the peak of COVID-19, they moved 20-25 times faster than they thought possible, indicating that a great acceleration in the use of technology, digitization and new forms of work will be the “new normal” across industrial sectors.

“Today’s complex and challenging business environment requires executives to adopt new skills and knowledge in order to stay ahead of industry trends, and we are honored to extend our partnership with Said Business School to help them provide high-quality online training to help professionals around the world achieve their goals,” said Andrew Hermanyn, President of Global Partnerships at 2U. “The launch of this expanded portfolio of short courses demonstrates Oxford Said’s continued leadership in digital education and its commitment to innovation, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with this world-class global institution.”

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