Vocational training

Red River Parish Provides Vocational Training Opportunities for Students

RED RIVER PARISH, La. (KSLA) — Students at Red River High will have the opportunity to take classes that will help them find jobs if they don’t plan on going to a traditional four-year university or college.

They can start in their new vocational school on campus.

Red River Schools Superintendent Allison Strong said it gives students more opportunities once they graduate. “We have Physician Assistants, Welding, Carpentry, Construction Safety, ProStart Culinary Arts.

Strong explained that this came to fruition after a bond was issued nearly three years ago.

“We passed a bond issue in 2019 that allowed us to generate $30 million for capital improvements across the district, and most of the money was spent on building a training center professionalism that allows us to offer courses to our students.


Ikarah Reeves is a senior, and she’s in the Educator Rising program. Reeves plans to return to teach in Red River Parish after graduating from college.

“I love going into classrooms and seeing other teachers how they settle in and how they interact and it helps me watch all my teachers to see that you have to go through all of this,” she said. declared.

Kyle Wren is a school counselor and says enrollment in professional courses is on the rise.

“I’ve been here for 15 years and for a number of years it was available but it didn’t have the touch that we have now and it attracts kids who wouldn’t usually be interested in these kinds of programs,” he said. he declares.

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