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OCOchem and Global Partners Receive a Development and Demonstration Grant from the State of Washington Clean Energy Fund to Create a Green Power Generator for Refrigerated Cargo Containers at the Port of Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Washington State Department of Commerce has awarded clean energy company OCOchem $1.5 million to develop green portable power generators and fuels for refrigerated cargo containers in port Tacoma.

“We are very honored to receive this grant to demonstrate how recycled carbon dioxide, water and clean electricity can be converted into an electrofuel to replace the use of fossil fuels in hard to decarbonize applications like power. portable and emergency new green energy will be used at the port of Tacoma to power new electro-fuel generators Washington fresh fruit in refrigerated cargo containers waiting to leave port,” said Todd Brixco-founder and managing director of OCOchem, based in Richland, Washington.

“We expect this project to not only reduce CO2 emissions at the port, but also air pollution emissions generated by the port’s portable fossil fuel generators, making the air safer for nearby residents. , reducing noise pollution and lowering energy costs,” he said.

the Washington The Clean Energy Fund grant is in addition to the $2.5 million investment OCOchem and its partners are committed to investing in this innovative project. Since 2013, the Clean Energy Fund has invested in the research, development and demonstration of technologies that help washington state lead the transition to a clean energy future.

OCOchem has developed an electrolyser device that converts recycled carbon dioxide emissions, water and electricity generated from non-fossil fuels into green hydrogen which is embodied in a form of non-flammable, high-density liquid hydrogen carrier energy, making it easier, safer and more secure. cheaper to store and transport than hydrogen gas.

Unlike its competitors, OCOchem uses clean, naturally occurring formic acid for its liquid hydrogen carrier because it is a non-flammable, high energy density liquid that can be stored in existing storage tanks at ambient temperature and pressure, making it cheaper and safer to store, transport, and use. The goal is for Tacoma Power to use this new electro-fuel technology to replace the fossil fuels currently used by diesel generators at the Port of Tacoma and to store energy in a safe and stable liquid form with high energy density.

“The project will demonstrate the compelling economic and environmental use of this new liquid e-fuel technology to decarbonize and electrify mobile, emergency and standby power generation applications that currently rely on diesel and gasoline for commercial and residential applications,” said Cam LeHouillerdirector of energy research and development for Tacoma Power.

“This approach is as carbon neutral as green hydrogen gas but is much safer, uses existing fuel infrastructure and comes at nearly half the price,” Brix said. “We believe washington state and Tacoma are the best place to manufacture safe green electrofuels for local use and for export, creating high-wage manufacturing jobs. »

Other project partners include Washington Maritime Blue (Tacoma), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) (Richland, Washington.), Sacred Davey Engineering (Seattle), Johnston Engineering (Spokane) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) (Norway).

OCOchem is a venture capital-backed cleantech startup that develops and commercializes technology that uses recycled carbon dioxide to store green hydrogen energy in the chemical structure of formates and formic acid, which can then be converted into green hydrogen. OCOchem has received R&D funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and Defense, ARPA-E and is an inaugural member of Halliburton Laboratories. Founded in 2017 in the Pacific Northwest, OCOchem operates its primary R&D laboratories in Richland, Washington. For more information, visit

­­­­Tacoma Power is a public utility supplying electricity to Tacoma, Washington. and the surroundings. Tacoma Power serves the cities of TacomaUniversity Square, Firstand Fifeand also provides services to parts of Steilacoom, Lakewood, and unincorporated Pierce County. For more information, visit

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