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Need to intensify research, development phytopharmaca: BRIN

Indonesia, with its abundant biodiversity that has not been optimally exploited, has a major opportunity to play a

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Research and development of phytopharmaca, or standardized traditional medicines made from natural materials, needs to be stepped up, said Indi Dharmayanti, head of the National Research Agency’s Health Research Organization. and innovation (BRIN).

During a virtual chat hosted by BRIN on Friday, she said the increased research should be done to welcome the release of Minister of Health Decision No. HK.01.07/MENKES/1163/2022 on the phytopharmaceutical form.

The decision allows phytopharmaca to be included in the National Health Insurance (JKN) scheme, she noted when discussing “jamu Scientification: discovering cultural heritage to make the nation healthy. »

“It is important to respond to this momentum by intensifying phytopharmaca development research to provide more phytopharmaca options to enter the national formulary,” she said.

Research can start by mapping the use of jamu (traditional Indonesian herbal medicines), standardized herbal medicines and phytopharmaca in health facilities.

“The mapping result can then become a formula development database needed to support the use of the conventional treatment regimen,” she added.

Dharmayanti also informed that jamu the scientification carried out by the Ministry of Health identified 11 scientists jamu mixtures that can be developed into standardized herbal medicines or phytopharmacy with further research.

Indonesia has vast potential to develop such products given its biodiversity, she said.

Strengthening Indonesia’s role can be achieved with the development of industry, such as in the field of herbal medicine, she added.

In addition, the opportunity to strengthen national herbal enterprises is always great with jamu consumption already a habit among Indonesians.

“Indonesia, with its abundant biodiversity that has not been optimally utilized, has a major opportunity to play a role,” she noted.

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