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Naseni boss Haruna tasks government with research and development

The federal government has been challenged to demonstrate a greater commitment to research and development in order to stimulate and accelerate industrial and technological development in the country.
The Director General of the National Agency and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Professor Mohammed Sani Haruna, who gave the charge, said that unless the government pays more attention to funding researchers in the industrial and technological sector, the economy could continue to develop at a slow pace.
Briefing journalists at Kaduna Polytechnic after the commissioning of an amphitheater named after him in recognition of his contribution to the development of technological progress in the country, the boss of NASENi gave the level of research and development towards the country’s economic growth a passing grade, saying it was on track.
“The government has given due attention to the development of the science and technology sector in general by devoting more funds to infrastructure, training, capacity building and research.”
He is optimistic that the impact of the government’s efforts on funding research and development will soon be seen.
“For example, I will tell you that my agency has been around for 32 years with a funding mechanism in the past, it was never put in place until the current administration.”
Haruna listed sources of funding to include the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), TETfund, green funds, Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF) and local content funding.
“Through the efforts of the current government and on the basis of the bilateral relations between Nigeria and the Czech Republic, it has offered a lot of money to Nigerian research to solve various problems plaguing the national economy.”
In addition, during the commissioning exercise, praise was raining
on its contribution to technological education in the country, especially in polytechnics and other institutions of higher learning.
Among those who praised his efforts, leading to the naming of the amphitheater after him, were the President Director of the Polytechnic, Senator Muhammed Muhammed, the Acting Rector, Dr. Suleiman Umar and the National President of the KadPoly Alumni Association, Abada Anas Adamu. .

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