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mujumdar: Symbiosis Chancellor Emphasizes Short Courses in Medicine | Pune News

PUNE: The Chancellor of Symbiosis International University, Dr. SB Mujumdar, has called on higher authorities to change their mentality regarding medical education and introduce four-year short courses for family doctors, nurses can also follow.
This was one of the suggestions made by Mujumdar to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who on Sunday inaugurated the Golden Jubilee commemoration function of the university and Aarogya Dham.
“Having spent 60 years in higher education, allow me to comment on the country’s medical education system. Indian doctors are world class and second to none. They have magic between their fingers. India needs more doctors. But we have made medical education expensive, time-consuming and difficult. No wonder thousands of eligible students who fail to get rid of NEETs go abroad to countries where medical education is affordable and admissions are easier. There is a solution provided the authorities are ready to change their mindset,” Mujumdar said.
He said the National Medical Commission must change the centuries-old practice of family doctors. “Preparing a four-year course, a short course for students. And this course should be accessible to nurses,” Mujumdar said.
The Prime Minister has called on the university to take up a theme each year and devote its staff and resources to it. He also asked the university to develop solutions to the problems facing the nation and send them to the Office of the Prime Minister (PMO).
“For example, if you take global warming as a theme, after your regular work, contribute some time to global warming. This can go through research, awareness through cartoons, seminars, workshops, etc. Another theme may be the development of border villages,” Modi said.
He also suggested that students learn at least 100 words in five languages ​​other than their own at university. He said the Prime Minister’s Office would accept students’ solutions to the problems facing the nation.
Symbiosis Aarogya Dham spans 70 acres on the campus of Symbiosis International (reputable university) in Lavale and includes various institutes dedicated to health and wellness.
Symbiosis has adopted 23 villages around the university campus to provide quality health care through a “mobile medical van” and digital literacy through the Symbiosis Rural Digital Literacy Lab”. The arched doorway of the Symbiosis Aarogya Dham complex is called ‘Symbiosis Suvarna Mahotsav Dwar’.