Vocational training

Minister of Finance: “Curaçao will soon have a new vocational training institute”

WILLEMSTAD – According to Finance Minister Javier Silvania, the Ministry of Social Development, Labor and Welfare (SOAW) is in the process of starting a new vocational training institute to replace the vocational training school in Feffik, which has since been liquidated.

He responds in writing to questions previously posed to Parliament on Feffik’s settlement costs. The new institute to be created focuses on the training of the working population, it is explained in more detail, but “the recruitment of staff has not yet been discussed”. And, adds the minister: “Vocational training has been offered by the SBO (secondary vocational education) Nilda Pinto since 2019”.

Professions include mason, carpenter, plumber and welder. “In addition, education, training and courses are offered through public courses and the Ministry of SOAW,” Silvania adds.

Regarding the current costs at Nilda Pinto, the Minister explains that the financing is in line with the rules for financing education, so that the costs of administrative and teaching staff, among others, remain within the existing standards. “In addition, management and administration costs are shared with other public schools,” the minister said. It indicates that the subsidy for Feffik averaged 4.5 million guilders per year, which was not enough due to the high overhead costs, which are no longer incurred.

In response to an MP’s comment that after the closure of Feffik there will not be enough vocational training courses, the minister says that there are currently seven government-subsidized institutes responsible for training professionals.