Short courses

Leeds to host short industrial courses on industrial air pollution monitoring and energy from biomass combustion Envirotech Online

Editorial: If you want to start 2022 by boosting your professional development, in January and February the University of Leeds is running two industry short courses as part of its Energy, Environment and Waste Management portfolio : energy from the combustion of biomass and industrial air pollution. Monitoring.

The Energy from Biomass Combustion course runs from 11-13 January 2022 and is ideal for anyone who needs a good understanding of the fundamentals and practices of: the basics of solid biomass combustion; installations dedicated to biomass; solid biomass for electricity generation; biogas and landfill gas for heat and power generation and sustainability of biomass supply chains.

The Industrial Air Pollution Monitoring Course 21-23 February 2022 focuses on general management issues including legislation, compliance with permit conditions, quality assurance and control. You’ll get insights from all sides – regulators, industry issuers, and testing organizations from contract sources. You will also examine measurement and analysis techniques. Gaseous and particulate emissions will be covered and extractive and in situ sampling methods will be discussed. Towards the end of the course there will be a workshop on computational methods, something that is relevant for anyone involved in emissions monitoring.

The two courses above are now available for booking. For more details, visit University of Leeds website Where E-mail.