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LAUNCHPAD: Students want schools to organize job fairs, vocational training | MorungExpress

Dimapur, September 12 (MExN): A career guidance survey was conducted as part of LaunchPad, a career guidance and career skills development program explicitly designed for students pursuing their 12th grade in all public upper secondary schools in Nagaland.

LaunchPad is an initiative of the Department of Youth Resources and Sports (YRS), Government of Nagaland, in partnership with YouthNet and supported by the Department of School Education.

According to a press release received here on Monday, based on the impact and success of the program in 2020-2021, the government of Nagaland has selected LaunchPad under the state innovation program in 2021 and is also supporting its continuation for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The program has been specifically designed to help students develop their soft skills, motivate them to pursue higher education, encourage them to explore paths beyond traditional jobs and plan their careers according to their abilities and interests. .

This program also acts as a breakthrough in the fight against unemployment among the youth of Nagaland, he argued.

Assess student aspirations
According to the release, the survey was conducted among upper secondary school students in Nagaland to gauge students’ aspirations. A total of 3,271 students responded to the survey which was conducted from May to September 2022, he said.

According to the survey results, a total of 72.2% or 2362 of the students wanted to pursue higher education after secondary education, while 11.8% or 386 preferred to “get a job”. Another 10.6% or 347 students who participated in the survey said they would opt for vocational training after concurrent secondary education.

Notably, in terms of what influences students when it comes to making decisions about their academic or career prospects, family played a major role, with a total of 67.7% of students responding that their decision Going to college/university/vocational training was due to the influence of family members.

Thus, around 91% of respondents say they have never undergone an assessment to get to know themselves better or to offer suitable careers.

In terms of the subjects they were most likely to study in college, 1,037 out of 3,271 students opted for arts, which included performing arts, visual arts, design, etc., while 453 opted for business and economics, and 404 for education/teaching. Only 43 students chose mathematics and statistics as their favorite subject.

A majority of students also said their main reason for choosing to go to college or university was to get a better job in the future.

According to the survey, the need to financially support their family was also one of the main reasons why those who chose to work or take vocational training to obtain a job

School Councils
Responding to a question about the amount of advice and information about higher education, apprenticeships, internships and career guidance they received at school, a total of 1094 students responded with “no a lot”, while 1044 students said they received a reasonable amount of guidance but “could do with more.

About 1005 students said they received enough advice to make a decision.

However, a majority of respondents (2597 out of 3271) wanted their schools to organize events on higher education, vocational training and job fairs.

Interestingly, most of the respondents (75.2%) chose to pursue higher education in Nagaland itself, while 18% chose “in the Northeast region” and 6.69% chose “ beyond the northeastern region”.

Meanwhile, the release stated that the total turnover for LaunchPad 2022 Phase 1 is 93% where 3397 students were enrolled under the LaunchPad program from 44 Government Higher Secondary Schools across Nagaland. LaunchPad courses are taught in the classroom and through a digital learning platform – www.launchpadnagaland.co.

The LaunchPad team will embark on phase 2 from September 2022. During the second phase, students will be introduced to the world of work. This will be followed by a higher education and career fair for students in May 2023, he added.