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KU increases research and development among American institutions

LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) – The University of Kansas has moved up five spots in a national survey of research and development spending for fiscal year 2020.

The University of Kansas says that in terms of national research and development spending rankings among U.S. institutions in fiscal year 2020, it rose five positions according to a new report.

KU said it rose from 49th to 44th place among public universities in the National Science Foundation’s Higher Education and Research Development Survey, which was released in December.

The University also claimed third place in federally funded research and development spending in non-science and engineering fields for the second consecutive year.

According to KU, the survey included 915 public and private institutions.

“KU’s rise in the HERD rankings confirms our scholars’ enduring commitment to advancing knowledge, discovery and innovation for the benefit of our state, our nation and the world. Even as the pandemic has placed strains on academic research, our scholars have found ways to adapt and persist,” said Simon Atkinson, vice chancellor for research at the Lawrence campus. “Our robust research activity in non-scientific and engineering fields – such as education, social work, business, humanities, law, and visual and performing arts – continues to outpace other major universities of research and demonstrates the breadth of KU’s explorations and scholarly contributions. ”

The University noted that research spending across its campuses grew 22.5% between 2014 and 2021, a jump from $238.8 million to $292.6 million.

Of the research funded in the fiscal year, KU said these were projects to improve outcomes for students with autism spectrum disorders; help the Navy improve its radar technology; exploring marginalized communities through women’s voices; understand the risk of tick-borne disease in the Great Plains; examine the use of renewable energies to optimize the water resources of rural communities; study the impact of exercises on memory and concentration; assess innovative tobacco treatment options; analyze the influence of diet on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and more.

“Researchers at the medical center are dedicated to increasing scientific knowledge for the betterment of society with direct impacts on the health of our local and regional communities, including patients in the University of Kansas Health System “said Dr. Matthias Salathe, KU Medical Center acting vice chancellor for research. “Our national ranking can be attributed to the deep commitment of our scientists to improving health and well-being. We are honored to be trusted stewards of research and discovery funding and look forward to pursuing exceptional and transformative research.

KU noted that other important rankings in the HERD survey include:

  • No. 9 – overall expenditure on research and development in non-scientific and technical fields
  • No. 22 – Federally Funded Psychology Research and Development Expenditures
  • No. 27 0 federally funded research and development expenditures by agencies other than the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, NASA, National Science Foundation, and the ministry of agriculture
  • No. 70 – overall research and development expenditure among all universities
  • No. 75 – federally funded research and development expenditures among all universities

KU said the HERD survey collects research and development expenditure data by research area and funding source among all US colleges and universities that spend at least $150,000 on research and development.

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