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KT&G Launches 6th Cohort of “Vocational Training Center”, Supporting Disadvantaged and Local Community

Seoul, South Korea, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KT&G, a global company headquartered in South Korea, operates a “vocational training center” in Malang to support the economic independence of disadvantaged people. As it makes a great contribution to the local community, “KT&G Vocational Training Center” receives a great response from the community.

The ‘KT&G Indonesia Vocational Training Center’ established by KT&G in the Malang region supports the economic independence of the disadvantaged, and receives a great response from the local community. The photo shows the students participating in the 5th training cohort at the ‘Centre de Formation Professionnelle’.

5e training cohort in sewing technology offered at the “Centre de formation professionnelle” was successfully completed in June. In the wake of its success 5e cohort, ‘KT&G Vocational Training Center’ immediately began recruiting for the 6e cohort. More than 390 candidates registered at the 6e cohort, which is about 80% increase from that of the previous cohort, proving the popularity of “Vocational Training Center”.

KT&G opened its “Vocational Training Center” at UKCW University in Malang in March 2021, and started offering free sewing technology training to underprivileged people ever since. It was about making a contribution to the local community by helping disadvantaged people develop job skills and become self-sufficient.

Indonesia has one of the 10 largest textile and sewing industries in the world, and there is an expectation of job creation in the textile and sewing industry according to the government’s intensive development plan. In response, KT&G seriously launched vocational education to help disadvantaged people learn the sewing technique, which is in high demand in the job market, without worrying about the cost.

(PRNewsphoto/KT&G Corporation)

(PRNewsphoto/KT&G Corporation)

The training takes place over three months and covers everything from sewing theory to actual practice. At the end of the course, students present at least one of their completed works at the graduation ceremony. The works range from school uniforms for their children to everyday clothing. Last year, when there was a shortage of masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students made handmade masks for themselves and their families using the sewing techniques that they learned at the center. A participant who completed the 5th cohort at the “Vocational Training Center” sold a dress she made during the three-month training period and bought a sewing machine with the profits from the dress. Eventually, she gained economic independence, using the sewing machine as her base.

‘KT&G Indonesia Vocational Training Center’ launched the 6th cohort of sewing technology training on The 4th of July. Word of mouth has spread in the local community and the popularity of sewing technology training has increased. Indeed, the number of candidates, which was 216 for the 5e cohort, increased to 391 for the 6th cohort. As such, local community interest in the ‘Vocational Training Centre’ continues to grow. For the 7e cohort, the ‘Professional Training Center’ provides an in-depth course by selecting students from the previous 1st to 6th cohorts.

A KT&G official said, “As we operate our business site in Indonesia, we have endeavored to constantly communicate with the local communities and even contribute a little to their development. In the future, we will support the economic independence of disadvantaged people in Indonesia through various channels in addition to the ‘Professional Training Center’.”

KT&G helps not only the underprivileged but also young people from Indonesia to improve their professional skills. In particular, KT&G’s social contribution channel, KT&G Sangsang Univ Indonesia, offers a variety of free education programs called “Class” for university students. A certain part of the “classroom” is for courses related to professional skills, such as interview practices and resume writing, in order to help young people improve their employability. All “courses” are free and open to all Indonesian university students. The latest information about “classes” can be found on KT&G Sangsang Univ Indonesia’s Instagram (sangsangunivid) and Facebook (Sangsang Univ Indonesia).

Meanwhile, KT&G is the world’s fifth-largest tobacco company by market share and sales volume. It exports to more than 120 countries. KT&G made a full-fledged entry into the Indonesian market in 2011 when it took over Trisakti, Indonesia’s sixth largest tobacco company at the time. Then in February 2013KT&G has created a company in charge of distribution and logistics in Indonesia, PT KT&G Indonesia. Since 2016, KT&G has taken the lead in creating local jobs by employing approximately 900 new employees each year, with a cumulative total of 4,800 employees in Indonesia.

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