Vocational training

ITF to introduce strict regulation of vocational training centers – The Whistler Newspaper

ITF Industrial Trust Fund Managing Director and CEO Joseph Ari has announced the start of strict regulation of vocational training centers to check the quality of graduates from skill acquisition centres.

Ari revealed this during a press conference on the ITF’s strategic policy direction from 2022-2025 on Monday in Jos.

He said standardization and certification are key aspects of the ITF’s mandate, adding that the Fund will continue to monitor, assess and certify the vocational skills acquired by apprentices, artisans and technicians in collaboration with the organizations concerned.

He said, “In this area, the Fund will work to ensure full compliance with standards and regulate vocational training through the accreditation of vocational training centers and the certification of all vocational training in accordance with the law.

“To make this happen, the Fund will develop National Occupational Standards (NOS), assess and certify apprentices, technicians and artisans, train and certify learning and development professionals, create and maintain a database on the professional training.”

Ari pointed out that when these regulations are fully in place, they will lead to the development of a robust NOS, create a pool of certified apprentices, technicians, artisans, assessors, auditors, certified learning and development.

He also added that the Fund will purchase and provide starter packs for trainees in the coming years, and expressed optimism that the outcome will ensure at least 27,000 qualified and employable young people under the National Skills Development Programme. industrial skills.