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Intel Joins Alliance to Boost Semiconductor Research, Development and Prototyping

Intel has joined an alliance with Micron, Analog Devices, and MITER Engenuity to accelerate semiconductor research, development, and prototyping. The companies hope the alliance will make the U.S. semiconductor industry more robust.

In addition to building a more robust U.S. semiconductor industry, which could really help in semiconductor shortage situations in the future, the alliance is also looking to protect intellectual property due to increased competition at abroad from countries like China. With semiconductors becoming necessary for everything from computers to cars, strengthening supply chains around the world is essential to ensure access to them.

Commenting on the development, Ann Kelleher, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Technology Development at Intel, said:

“The semiconductor industry in the United States is at an inflection point. There has never been a more important time to come together as an industry to set the course for advancing the foundation of innovation that will help solve the nation’s greatest challenges.

If the alliance succeeds in its mission, it will be good for the whole world as it should open up more options for companies looking to buy semiconductors.