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India opens research and development facility for new military aircraft

India has announced the opening of a Flight Control System (FCS) Integration Facility to support research and development of a new range of military aircraft.

The new facility, built at the Bengaluru Aircraft Development Establishment, will help centralize avionics and hardware integration, which has been dispersed among several manufacturers and research centers across the country.

The unified facility will also develop and certify FCS for advanced medium combat aircraft and fifth-generation light combat aircraft.

“Keeping us ready is our top priority and we are constantly working to improve our strategic capabilities,” the defense minister said. Rajnath Singh said in a statement. “Whether it is technology or products, services or facilities, their advanced and faster development is the need of the hour.

At the facility’s March 17 grand opening, Singh said the complex would also provide simulator training for fighter jet pilots.

India’s Home Minister inaugurating the FCS facility in Bangalore. Photo: Ministry of Defence, India

Flight Control System Integration Facility

The FCS integration facility is 12,077 square feet (129,167 square meters). Construction of the seven-story building, which began on February 1, was completed in a record 45 days.

It was built by the country’s Defense Research and Development Organization using hybrid construction technology with pre-engineered and pre-engineered materials.