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In-Demand Short Courses in South Africa 2022 | Courses with High Paying Careers

Learning a new skill has never been easy, so you need to study something relevant for the job market. Therefore, if you want to match your skills to your job market, look at the short courses that are in demand in South Africa in 2022. They pay well and take little time. So you may not have to take time off from work to study. See them below!

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Which courses offer the most job opportunities in South Africa? With unemployment soaring, many are wondering if what they learned in school is relevant to the job market. Also, those who have not joined colleges do not know which programs to pursue depending on the job market. However, you need not worry as this article has everything you would like to know about the short courses that are in demand in South Africa in 2022.

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List of Top 10 Short Courses in South Africa

Short courses are a great option for brushing up on your current industry or venturing into a new field. Plus, they can help you make valuable contacts to propel your career growth later in life. So, what is the best course to study in South Africa?

list of short courses in South Africa
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1. SEO

Due to the rapid increase in technological advancements, there is a high demand for new online and optimization strategies. However, publishing your content online is not enough until it reaches your target audience. This is where search engine optimization techniques come in. Although there are many layers of SEO, from basic to advanced, anyone can learn the basics.

2. Project management

This targets project managers and people involved in the daily management of businesses at an advanced operational and strategic level. The course is essential to advance your career and improve the quality of work. So, what courses are in demand in South Africa? Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most in-demand programs in South Africa, and most people who pursue it are well paid.

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3. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Due to the nature of South Africa’s environment, which includes mining and other industries, there is a great need for occupational health and safety workers. Almost all construction and manufacturing industries hire these professionals to keep their workers safe and protect themselves from legal issues.

4. Digital Marketing

best courses to study in south africa
Apprentice builders during a presentation in a training center. Photo by MEGA
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Marketers play a key role in maintaining sales and revenue for every business. So which course has high job opportunities? Digital marketing allows you to reach a wider audience, scale your business, and generate more revenue. Thus, embarking on digital marketing will guarantee you a job and a good salary.

5. Computer courses

The Bachelor of Computer Science is one of the most demanded degrees in South Africa. Computer literacy is essential because many business operations are automated. Some programs you can take are programming, software development, etc. Professionals in this field perform a variety of functions such as designing, building, testing, and managing computer systems.

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6. Business accounting

This focuses on improving an individual’s money management skills. It applies to those who want to manage and track money, income, and expenses. It is also one of the best courses to study in South Africa as all companies have an accounting department. The course is very marketable and pays well. It is also ideal for accountants, bookkeepers, financial clerks or finance department employees.

7. Establish a customer relationship

degrees in demand in South Africa
Quality control engineer teaching precision improvement and quality standards to female engineers in training. Photo by Jayk7
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Maintaining good relationships with customers ensures that you have loyal customers. This, in turn, means business growth as they will convince other potential buyers to buy from you. To build that customer relationship, you need skills to manage your customers so the business can continue to grow by leaps and bounds. The last thing a business wants to see is losing a customer to a competitor.

8. Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the hottest topics of the 21st century. Financial experts predict that these technologies will reform the future, ending traditional modes of exchange. With this, there has been an increase in the number of qualified crypto experts to trade due to its high value. However, trading is not easy, which has made many people turn to several online cryptocurrency programs to learn how to trade.

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9. Graphic design

If you like creative work, graphic design is one of the best short courses in South Africa that you can take. It is an exciting and professional field where you can use your passion for art on a daily basis. If you’re already in the design industry, you might want to expand your skills or start your career in graphic design.

10. Writing

well-paid short courses in South Africa
Train learners to develop their skills. Photo by Luis Alvarez
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Doing business online has grown exponentially, creating a high demand for copywriters who can write great copy online. Businesses always need writers for product descriptions, landing pages, subscription pages, blogs, articles, and even email newsletters. So, Writing is one of the short courses that pays well in South Africa and is always in demand. As a writer, you’ll have a great career option that will also help teach you essential life skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions regarding short programs in South Africa.

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Does the NSFAS pay for short courses?

Once approved for NSFAS funding, the funding covers you until you complete your qualification. However, the NSFAS does not fund short courses, even if you do them through a university. The financial aid scheme only covers full-time qualifications administered by a university or TVET college.

What is the easiest degree to study in South Africa?

Those interested in pursuing undergraduate degrees typically choose Business Administration, Psychology, or Education, but General Studies, English, and Communications can also be considered among the easiest.

Can short courses help you find a job?

Short courses help you find a job. Indeed, they allow you to acquire skills that employers greatly appreciate. Also, they help you open and run a business. You can become an entrepreneur from the set of skills you acquire by learning.

Which career offers the most job opportunities in South Africa?

The IT, business & management and finance sectors are undoubtedly the most sought-after sectors. This is followed by sales, administration, office and support, architecture and engineering, as shown below.

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How many months does a short course last?

They usually last three to six months, with one to three modules. Programs and advanced programs usually last one year and consist of four to eight modules.

Do online courses count as a qualification?

courses that have more job opportunities in South Africa
Students studying in a computer lab. Photo by Jayk7
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Yes. Employers accept degrees obtained through distance learning and treat them as identical qualifications studied on campus.

Are short courses good for a CV?

Traditional courses are great, but it would be great if you could learn something quickly. They’re flexible, fast, and with a spark in your CV – these programs can be a game-changer in your career.

What qualification is a short course?

These programs do not provide you with a formal qualification. However, they can give you the skills and knowledge to take on a certain job. This is because they are designed to be shorter than a traditional study program and cover a specific area of ​​knowledge.

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Above are short courses that are in demand in South Africa in 2022 and pay well. They may even pay you better if you have the talent in that area of ​​work. Thus, it is better to have a talent or an eye for a particular field of work.

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But then, to access the provisions, it is important to be armed with NSFAS contact details for 2022. Check them out here!

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