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How can professional courses increase your chances of being hired abroad?

Discover the advantages of vocational courses when it comes to getting a job abroad.

How can professional courses increase your chances of being hired abroad?

By India Today Web Desk: Securing a job outside India is a dream for many. Working abroad provides professionals with better work, growth and lifestyle opportunities. However, to be employed in reputable companies, one needs to improve one’s skills and create a resume that will attract relevant companies.

Luckily, there are plenty of platforms that offer courses that can help get you ready to compete in the global job market. For example, some of the most exciting courses are in the area of ​​STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). There are approximately 13.1 million people employed in STEM-related fields in the United States, and in India, STEM occupations have seen a 44% increase between 2016 and 2019.

With that said, here are some of the ways vocational courses can help gain better career prospects abroad.


Today’s job market is characterized by intense competition, and to stand out, your resume and skills need to be a notch higher than the rest. Professional certificate courses help individuals master skills not taught through traditional degree programs.

For example, a course in business analytics, blockchain, python, or cloud computing can give you the desired edge in the job market. Other courses that can help with this are full stack development, data science, and digital marketing.


Aspirants must be careful in choosing the platform from which they want to take a course. Reputable learning platforms provide opportunities for individuals to implement their learning in the real world through hands-on projects and engagements. Plus, they provide guidance and mentorship by industry experts. This understanding will also go a long way in choosing a suitable career option.

Additionally, employers can be confident that your knowledge base is not only conceptually rigorous, but has been implemented to solve real-world problems.


In an increasingly digitized world, while some professions are becoming obsolete, new paths are also opening up, especially in the global market. However, when selecting courses for graduation or post-graduation, these trends may not have been anticipated.

These professional training programs can help you diversify and seize opportunities in other sectors. This is particularly useful for those who want to change careers or move to countries where certain professions may be better paid than the one in which the person is currently engaged.


Professional courses offered by learning platforms expose individuals to others in the field. Usually, one comes into contact with prominent figures in the industry and works closely with them, either through a mentorship program or through events and competitions organized by these platforms. These networks and contacts allow the person to learn more about career prospects in India or abroad and to be better trained in these opportunities.


In conclusion, vocational courses can be a springboard for you to build an impressive CV and bridge the gap between the skills required for overseas jobs and those that the individual possesses. However, one must be very careful in choosing learning platforms.

Make sure the platform has the necessary networks and that the pedagogy suits your learning style. Course details and trainer credentials are also important. Only when these platforms are recognized and held in high regard will taking these courses add real value to your CV.

By Joy Parekh, VP – Head of Online Business – Imarticus Learning