Vocational training

Government Announces Additional Investment of $200 Million in Technical and Vocational Training

The Ministry of Education reiterated its commitment to technical and vocational training in the country.

The ministry announces that it will invest an additional $200 million in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the country, as it did in 2020.

Last year’s $200 million investment was approved by parliament to support the government’s jobs and skills plan.

If this additional investment of $200 million is realized, the government would have spent nearly $1 million on TVET since 2017.

In an address on behalf of the sector minister at the closing ceremony of the WorldSkills Ghana 2021 national competition on Friday, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education, Benjamin Gyasi, said the $200 million investment would also support micro, small and medium enterprises in the countryside.

“The government has committed over $700 million to revamp and transform TVET over the past four years. It is also committing an additional $200 million under the Jobs and Skills Project to ensure the quality of TVET delivery as well as supporting MSMEs through the Commission for TVET and government agencies. business of Ghana,” he announced.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Gyasi said the government is “reorganizing the entire education sector, making TVET a central pillar, starting with basic schools.”

According to him, the technical establishments of the second cycle are getting a makeover and the whole of TVET is changing.

The government has also commended technical and vocational students for their efforts in Ghana’s fight against COVID-19.

He said the country’s ability to “produce enough nose masks, for all citizens to significantly reduce the spread of the virus” deserves recognition.