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FutureLearn launches short course subscription service

The company noted that recent findings showed that “87% of people globally believe the skills needed for jobs are different than five years ago due to the increased use of technology in daily work. “.

“AT FutureLearnwe have seen huge demand from learners and employers for more professional skills development opportunities,” said Hanna Celina, Corporate Knowledge Manager.

“For example, our business and management courses saw an almost 200% year-over-year increase in enrollment in 2020, while our digital skills courses at the Institute of Coding saw an increase by nearly 2,000% since the start of the year and are now over 700,000 registrations to date.

“Our business and management courses have seen an almost 200% year-over-year increase in enrollment in 2020”

Its first set of over 35 ExpertTracks will cover topics including financial technology, cybersecurity, data analytics, social media marketing, psychology, project management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Each ExpertTrack costs £36 per month, is automated and peer-reviewed, and learners can earn certificates for completed courses.

Course content has been developed by universities and institutions around the world, including Monash University in Australia, Coventry University in the UK, and the University of Michigan in the US.

“This new development builds on our successful partnership with FutureLearn, which since 2013 has allowed us to open our academic expertise to a diverse group of learners, enabling them to develop their skills and expand their opportunities in the job market. post-covid,” said Neil Morris, acting deputy vice-chancellor for digital transformation at the University of Leeds.

“This year, almost 650,000 adult learners have accessed our digital workplace skills courses developed in partnership with FutureLearn, six of which have been adopted by the Department for Education for its skills toolkit. “

The new product was not created directly in response to Covid-19, FutureLearn COO Susannah Belcher pointed out, but added that the company offers more than 60 courses on its site that cover sectors such as education, health, supply chain and mental health.

“Covid-19 did not determine the timeline for ExpertTracks, but validated and supported our thinking as we increasingly heard from learners about their interest in low-cost learning and personal development opportunities. , accessible and skill-based,” she said. News from the PIE.

With the pandemic impacting “the behavior of millions of people, career opportunities” at a time when many are in need of quality upskilling and retraining resources, the launch of ExpertTracks “couldn’t happen soon enough”, she pointed out.

FutureLearn aims to expand the offering each quarter with 20 new ExpertTracks expected to land each month.

“ExpertTracks has been specifically designed to help learners acquire vital new employability skills”

“ExpertTracks was specifically designed to help learners learn vital new employability skills,” Belcher said, explaining that the company took feedback from our existing learners.

“Using additional data from SEEK, our in-house insights team has identified the most in-demand industries, job opportunities and roles with some of the biggest skills gaps,” she continued. .

“We also heard from employers that assessments, meaningful time commitments and tangible results were the minimum requirements to really bring out online learning throughout the hiring process – so all of this information played into our approach.”