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OXFORDSHIRE, England, February 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UNIATHENA, a leading online learning platform, has launched its most anticipated short course initiative to meet the long-standing demand for advanced learning from learners around the world. With over 250 online short courses, this free access platform is an integral part of UniAthena’s mission to create a barrier-free learning ecosystem. As the world moves towards an interdisciplinary skills-based workforce, it intends to prepare students for the most desirable jobs in all fields and industries. Although the Ed-tech industry already offers college degrees, UniAthena has created a one-stop destination for skills enhancement, salary increase, and cross-field progression.

UniAthena so far offers credit-based higher education programs including MBA, DBA, MSC, degrees, among others, in partnership with leading universities globally. Partner universities include European pioneers such as EMG (Guglielmo Marconi University), Italy and UCAM (Universidad Católica de Murcia), Spain. Over 70,000 learners from over 100 countries have accelerated their career progression through their 50+ academic programs. So, now with the short courses, UniAthena has focused on addressing the existing talent gaps within the workforce.

State-of-the-art short courses combine the knowledge of leading industry experts and academics to eliminate supply-side labor market bottlenecks. As a recent study shows, a huge 69% of companies reported talent shortages when recruiting. The study attributed the inability of the workforce to upskill in fast-paced industries as the main reason. With the short courses, UniAthena can say that it has taken the right step to meet this major industrial workforce challenge. At the same time, it is no less for learners and professionals than a doctor who prescribes just the right dosage of medication. Bespoke, market-ready online courses at your own pace, accessible anytime, anywhere.

The new Short Courses platform will serve as “flight board” for learners regardless of their structural hierarchy. Based on the learner’s current exposure to the field and their organizational position, the courses have been categorized into 6 foundational sections, from Basics to MBA Essentials. It’s a big relief for professionals who couldn’t get college degrees in the rush to find a job. One can simply opt for a degree certification to complete the unfinished. Thus, the flexibility to choose between courses helps learners benefit from a personalized module designed especially for their needs. Classes are delivered as pre-recorded video lectures that can be completed even in a single less than 4 hour session and are accompanied by electronic grades and graded evaluation quizzes.

“We are pleased to present cutting-edge free courses to our learners from the most remote corner of the world. UniAthena is constantly striving to democratize the learning ecosystem and remove any potential barriers that may hinder career trajectories. I believe the new short courses will prepare students for the coming Industrial Revolution 4.0. What excites us most is that we will recalibrate the way students are traditionally used to improving skills,” said Mr. Firoz Thairinil, Founder and CEO of Athena Global Education.

UniAthena’s short courses cover a wide range of disciplines, including information technology, marketing, finance, humanities, media, operations, and human resource management, among others. Courses are regularly updated according to industry requirements, and simultaneously new courses are added to the existing collection.

With Short Courses, UniAthena takes a leap ahead of its competing platforms by finding the right chords. The customized short courses are all designed to equip learners with professional skills in the most effective way. Registrations have started on the UniAthena website, here.

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About Athena Global Education:
Athena Global Education is an online education provider offering self-paced Masters, PhD and microcredit programs in collaboration with European universities and a reputable professional qualifications authority. Athena is the latest venture from Westford Education Group, a provider of higher education services since 2009.