Vocational training

Eritrea: Vocational training for young people in Barentu

Barentu — Segen Construction Company provided four months of theoretical and practical training on construction to 63 young people from the Kaelay training center.

The training program which was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the administration of the Gash Barka region and the construction company Segen was attended by young people from the sub-zones of Barentu and Shambuko as well as the administrative area of ​​Agmait and included metal and wood. works, building as well as others related to construction.

The trainees received three months of theoretical training and one month of practical training at the company’s subsidiaries in Teseney, Bisha, Barentu and Asmara.

Stating that the training was part of the human resource development effort in the country, Ms. Leul Gebreab, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, called on the trainees to apply the training imparted to them to improve their livelihoods. subsistence and become exemplary.

Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hiruy, Governor of Gash Barka region, for his part congratulated the trainees called upon to play their rightful role in the nation-building process.

Mr. Tesfay Goitom, manager of Segen Construction Company, indicated that the objective of the training was to enable young people to play a full role in the implementation of the development programs defined in their areas.

The trainees, for their part, welcoming the training opportunity offered to them, expressed their conviction to contribute to the development programs in their duty stations.