Vocational training

Don advocates vocational training to save graduate unemployment

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ibadan Polytechnic, Dr. KA Yusuf described higher education as the backbone of any society, saying that its quality determines the quality of human resources and the development of a country.

He added that outsourcing of labor is inevitable in any company that requires rapid growth and development. Therefore, pedagogical training must be based on the needs of society and not on education for education.

Dr. Yusuf noted them during the presentation of the 13th Inaugural Lecture of Ibadan Polytechnic on the theme “Nigeria’s Graduate Unemployment Crisis: Vocational Training and Agro-Technopreneurship as a Strategic Rescue”, which was held on Wednesday last week in the institution’s North Campus Assembly Hall.

According to him, “many candidates for admission are drawn into non-marketable courses each year, but out of frustration at not reaching the thresholds of the courses envisaged and they have no choice but to oblige. They are now going to graduate and look for jobs that are not available.

Critically analyzing the unemployment saga among the country’s graduates, he said the higher education system in Nigeria should not only prepare students for research and teaching, but rather offer highly specialists who could adapt to the needs of economic and social life in order to cater for the many aspects of lifelong education in the broadest sense and to promote international cooperation through the internalization of research, technology, networking and the free flow of people and ideas.

He, however, lamented that the scourge of unemployment is alarming and increasing numerically every year in the country, adding that it has wreaked havoc in the socio-economic fabric of the country as most of the criminal activities that occur across the country could be linked to unemployment, especially among young graduates.

He therefore advocated that Nigerian graduates should be introduced to entrepreneurship education programs during their course, noting that “graduate unemployment in Nigeria has reached an alarming state that requires urgent attention.”


He said an undergraduate vocational program is essential for students to acquire skills in any profession that interests them, as passion is a welcome development in the right direction.

“This compulsory program creates unemployment for the unemployed due to the skills acquired, while the transformation of the vocational training program into a techno-entrepreneurship program generates additional employment opportunities to team up with young unemployed graduates,” said he declared.

He recommended that businesses that thrive in each locality be encouraged in schools and that efforts to focus on exploration and mining in different states receive more attention, noting that “Nigeria is a nation agriculture and the practice of agropreneurship should be given priority.

While he called on the government to develop agricultural industries in rural areas so that rural applicants do not migrate to urban areas, he said more jobs should be generated in rural areas for the seasonally unemployed, as the approach will also discourage rural-urban migration among young people

“The government should allow more foreign companies to open their branches/units in areas where we don’t have the technological know-how, so that more employment opportunities can be guaranteed,” he said. -he adds.