Vocational training

DJC TopProjects 2022 – 2nd place

2nd place – Secondary education and vocational training

Chemeteta Community College Agricultural Complex

Location: Salem
Cost: $12,022,747
Begin: May 2020
Completion: February 2021
Owner/Developer: Chemeketa Community College
Architect: FFA Architecture + Interiors
Engineers: KPFF (structural), PAE (MEP), Westech Engineering (civil)
Other Associates/Consultants: Acoustic Design Studio (acoustics), Lango Hansen Landscape Architects (civil/landscape), Luma Lighting Design (lighting)
General contractor : Swinerton builders
Bidding company: Swinerton builders
Subcontractors: Acme Construction Supply, Advanced Energy Systems, Applied Greenhouse Technologies, Arctic Sheet Metal, Arrow Roofing, Building Material Specialties, Capitol City Door, Cash’s Drapery, CJ Hansen, Cochran, Colors NW, Contract Flooring & Interiors, Culver Glass, DeaMor Associates, FM Sheet Metal Work, H&H Paving, Interior Technology, Kraft Masonry, LaRusso Concrete, Legend Custom Woodworking, Pacific Decorative Concrete, Patriot Fire Protection, Precision Scales, Pro Barrier Construction, RDH Building Sciences, Electrical Safety, SAK Builders, Caulking Sawtooth, T-Plus Steel Fabricators, TerraCalc Surveying, Tubular Skylight, Washington Commercial Painters, Willamette Valley Excavation, Zochert Fence

The new Chemeketa Community College Farm Complex is a cluster of three unique college buildings located in the heart of Salem. The complex serves as a hub for Chemeketa to provide courses and agricultural facilities for its students, partners, programs and the growing community around it.

The heart of the complex is a 15,000 square foot single-story academic building with functional learning environments. The solid wood structure is equivalent to LEED Silver and is Chemeketa’s first Net Zero structure on campus. Students and faculty have access to three community classrooms, a science lab classroom, a lab prep room, two seminar/conference rooms, a student resource room, and faculty offices.

Adjacent to the Academic Building is the Headhouse Building, which consists of a dirty lab and flexible learning/research classroom space. Between the Academic Building and the Main Building is the 3,000 square foot Pavilion Building.

The three buildings create a central courtyard space that houses a 100-person outdoor amphitheater, supporting outdoor group training, presentations, community outreach events, industry events, and farmers’ markets. The amphitheater is surrounded by various learning and demonstration gardens, including a 3,600 square foot greenhouse, greenhouses, large plots of farmland, garden/farm demonstration fields, woody ornamental areas and pollinators, soil labs, a beneficial insectary, and a demonstration area for stormwater management.