Short courses

Dive into short courses for the chance to deepen your basic knowledge

“There is never a limit to learning and small courses allow me to improve my skills and extend my professional development.”

Excelsia College offers a wide range of micro-credentials, which the college calls graduate certificates and diplomas. For example, it offers a range of short course qualifications in counselling, including a Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling.

Courses develop students’ skills, promote reflective awareness and provide a theoretical basis for their work. People from all walks of life take these courses, including students working in education, nursing, occupational therapy, pastoral care, police, and paramedics.

Extend your skills

“Our courses offer students the opportunity to improve or extend their skills,” explains George Odhiambo, Director of Studies at Excelsia College.

Giri is still completing her studies for her Masters in Counseling. “I’ve always had a fascination with the human mind and behavior. I wanted to do a degree in counseling because it’s about helping a client from the inside, understanding human behavior and building relationships.

“As a counselor I can be with the client in the healing process and be a support system. I can hear them and understand them.

She says her master’s course allowed her to become more empathetic. “I can make people feel heard. I learned to be in the moment and to listen. The course broadened and deepened my knowledge of human behavior.

“Coming from a social work background, I’ve always wanted to help people, and I’ve come to realize that mental health is the area I want to focus on. The units I studied during my course have equipped me with the skills I need to enter the job market right after graduation.

“Supervision by the best”

Giri appreciates the work experience she has to undertake as part of her master’s course. “The internship gives us real-world experience, as well as top-notch supervision. When I graduate, I can be registered with the Australian Counseling Association and Psychotherapy and the Counseling Federation of Australia to start my career. to advise.

Along with counseling qualifications, the college’s Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership Skills is another popular course. It develops students’ skills, expertise and character and expands their toolbox. This course is for people who are already working, as well as those who aspire to achieve a leadership position in their field.

“Organizational leadership students gain a better understanding of the why and how of leadership and learn about leadership models, theories and practices that they can immediately apply to real-life situations,” says Odhiambo.

Apart from the business-oriented courses it provides, Excelsia also helps educate people with an artistic bent. For example, the Undergraduate Certificate in Songwriting is for people who want to broaden and deepen their technical songwriting skills and theoretical knowledge.

“Students develop a unique songwriting style and gain the knowledge and skills to produce a high-quality, self-recorded demo of original songs,” he adds.

Excelsia also offers micro-certificates for teachers, including graduate certificates in classroom and curriculum innovation, instructional leadership, and educational studies.

These courses are for teachers, early childhood educators, teacher aides, teaching assistants, school principals, church ministers, school chaplains, and school administrators.

“They enhance the professional skills of people currently working in an educational setting and give those entering the educational space the opportunity to develop their knowledge of school and classroom practices and the socio-cultural factors that influence educational outcomes”, says Odhiambo.

Excelsia is still developing new micro-credentials and plans to offer Graduate Certificates and Diplomas in Disability and Graduate Diploma in Disability and Aged Care, which are expected to be available later in 2022.

Giri’s advice to anyone considering taking a micro-certificate is to go for it. “Micro-diplomas are an excellent opportunity to improve in a short time. They help you develop more skills to perform better in whatever area of ​​work you do, and I recommend it to people who want to improve their position in their respective fields.