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CITB unveils new short courses in leadership and management

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THE Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has announced a new development opportunity for employers wishing to improve their leadership and management skills across their business.

11 short courses were developed following industry feedback and aligned with the Institute of Leadership and Management frameworks, designed to provide construction supervisors and frontline managers with the skills and confidence necessary to perform their duties.

CITB said that whether they are onsite or in the office, employees can access standardized leadership and management training and receive support in areas such as leading and organizing their teams, managing difficult situations and problem solving.

Training can also be tailored to meet specific needs, with the option of choosing to take a module as a short course or a ‘pick and mix’ learning approach, choosing to take several different courses in the frame.

The training aims to help all employers registered with Levy, enabling them to receive between £70 and £120 for each module through a short-term grant. Additionally, for those wishing to further their personal development, they can complete the Construction ILM Level 3 award or the Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice, which continues to be available through the CITB grant program.

James Fleming, MD of The Power Within Training, said, “Leadership and management is an essential skill of any successful and successful business, and is needed more today than at any other time in history. As a CITB accredited training organization specializing in leadership and management development, we are very pleased and admiring to see CITB release this new suite of courses. This will allow business owners and organizations of all sizes to increase their skills and confidence in this area of ​​expertise.

“We have not only adopted this new vision of the CITB, but also developed new course content around these new specifications and this new framework. We look forward to helping the UK construction industry thrive in the years to come.

Dawn Hillier, Head of Standards and Qualifications Strategy at CITB, added: “The new leadership and management courses offer a fantastic opportunity – not only for employees already at this level, but also for those with great professional ambitions, willing to progress to a supervisory position or managerial role. This training could have a big impact, providing the step that someone needs.

“I am also delighted that we have been able to launch this much-requested training with the financial support of the short-term scholarship. With an estimated demand for 50,000 additional workers each year, it is becoming increasingly important to develop the soft skills of today’s construction managers and tomorrow’s leaders.

Visit the CITB website for more details on leadership and management training.