Vocational training

Charity in Farah provides 550 men and women with free vocational training

A charity in Farah province offered more than 500 poor men and women the opportunity to take free job training.

“This program is for a period of six months, which is implemented in three stages, for a total of 550 people, men and women, to study a vocation,” said Baryalai Nusrat, head of the Development Organization Social Razi (RSDO).

One of the women who used this program to learn how to sew is Feriba, who now teaches a number of young girls.

“So far, we have been able to provide employment opportunities to about 100 people; however, if the program is expanded, we can increase this number,” said tailor Feriba Sharifi.

The women enrolled in the program to learn sewing said they were grateful and asked the organizations to offer more sewing workshops in Farah.

“We are 100% happy and satisfied to have found a job here,” said Feriba, an intern.

“We are asking institutions to provide us with more equipment so that we can improve,” said Shaima, an intern.

Meanwhile, local officials in Farah province said they will provide employment opportunities to those who have received vocational training.

“The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has tried to facilitate the working environment with the cooperation of partner institutions so that these students can earn a living,” said Shir Mohammad Haqtalab, Farah Labor and Social Affairs Officer.

Learning a vocation is believed to help families become more financially secure; however, due to the lack of employment opportunities, many women with a vocation find themselves unemployed and forced to stay at home.