Short courses

CA allows Trillanes to take short courses in Singapore, USA

THE Court of Appeal has authorized former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to travel to Singapore and the United States to take short courses required by the Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines where he teaches.

In a resolution enacted August 26, the seventh division of the appeals court granted Trillanes’ request to travel from August 28 to September 22 on the condition that he post a cash bond of 100,000 pesos.

Trillanes has asked for the AC’s go-ahead to temporarily lift the stay order issued against him by Branch 148 of the Makati Regional Trial Court which convicted him of defamation last year for statements he made in 2015 against the former mayor of Makati, Junjun Binay, whom he accused of corruption. and corruption.

Asking that he be allowed to travel, Trillanes, who is a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University School of Government and the University of the Philippines-College of Public Administration and Governance, said he was required to follow a continuing professional education and keeping abreast of the latest developments in governance.

He said he had registered and was to take a course called “Mastering Policy Impact Evaluation and Analysis” at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore from August 29-31 and another course titled “Leadership for the 21st Century” at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government from September 11-16.

Trillanes said he would leave the country until September 22.

The AC said the Solicitor General’s office as well as Binay’s private attorney raised no objections to Trillanes’ request.

He added that on his previous trips abroad, Trillanes had always returned and complied with court orders, adding that this showed he “is not a flight risk”.

“We are satisfied that the defendant-appellant is not a flight risk and is therefore entitled to a temporary lifting of his ban on foreign travel for the period of August 28, 2022 to September 22, 2022,” the CA Order written by Associate Justice Michael Ong.

“Furthermore, the defendant-appellant’s personal circumstances, such as his current teaching profession in the Philippines and his position as a public figure, further strengthen our belief that there is little or no risk that he could s ‘flee to another country to escape the territorial jurisdiction of the courts,’ the CA added.