Research development

AREF Research Development Grant Scheme 2022/2023 (up to £40,000)

Deadline: September 22, 2022

Applications are open for the Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) Research Development Fellowship Program 2022/2023. The fellowship aims to help researchers in Africa who are emerging leaders and who are working on important human health challenges, to develop their skills as a researcher.

The fellowship provides a three to nine month internship at a leading research institution in the UK, Europe or Africa, with additional support at your home institution before and after the internship. Successful scholarships can start between June 2023 and no later than December 2023.


Applicants may apply for a maximum of:

  • £22,000 for a scholarship with a 3-month internship
  • £32,000 for a scholarship with a 6-month internship
  • £40,000 for a scholarship with a 9 month placement


  • Open to early career health researchers (RCTs) from Africa who plan to develop their research careers in Africa and have the potential to become research leaders.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have chosen to focus their career on research and are progressing on the path to becoming, but are not fully established as, independent researchers, with the potential to conduct original and innovative research. This can be demonstrated by their employment, education, research experience and results.
  • Applicants must be nationals of a Sub-Saharan African country.
  • Applicants do not need to reside in Africa at the time of applying, provided the application is officially endorsed by an African institution that meets the eligibility criteria of an employing organization and confirms that it intends to employ you locally.
  • Applicants must be working at least 20% full-time equivalent (FTE) in an active research role; and EITHER
    • have secured employment at a legally established research organization or university in sub-Saharan Africa for the duration of the fellowship, OR
    • have a guarantee of employment in a center of research excellence outside Africa and an honorary contract with a legally established research organization or university in sub-Saharan Africa for the duration of the scholarship, with at least 70% of the time based in Africa.


Read the guidance documents carefully before developing your proposal and starting your application. Complete the application forms and upload the forms with supporting documents (using the document upload section in PART A of the application form). Applicants may only submit one application per call.

Applicants must complete and submit the following:

  • Application Form PART A Summary Information
  • Parts of the BF application form
  • Part G of the application form (the signature sheet)
  • A letter of support from the host sponsor
  • A letter of support from the employer sponsor
  • Two publications chosen to demonstrate the nominee’s career history.
  • An electronic copy of the last degree obtained by the candidate, usually the doctoral certificate.

For more information, visit AREF Scholarship.