Research development

Antimicrobial Resistance Research, Development and Demonstration: Phase A (2022-2023) Successful Organizations

Stage A of the R&D program provides funding for 6 pre-TO FEED (Front End Engineering Design) on 2 key technological lots. These are:

Lot 1: demonstration of the reactor

4 Pre-TO FEED studies have been awarded for projects to develop advanced modular high-temperature gas-fired reactors (HTGR) technologies, with up to £500,000 available for each project. The following 4 organizations have been awarded contracts to produce pre-TO FEED studies for the development of advanced modular systems HTGR technologies as part of phase A of the RAM R&D Project:

  • EDF Energy Nuclear Production Limited
  • National Nuclear Laboratory
  • U-Battery Developments Ltd
  • Ultra Safe Nuclear Society

EDF Energy Nuclear Production Limited

EDF will focus on the needs of end users to determine the most suitable reactor design characteristics for a HTGR event in the 2030s. EDF is proposing the Hartlepool Heat Hub as the site for the first HTGR demonstration.

National Nuclear Laboratory

NNL will coordinate a UK-Japan team (NNLJapan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and Jacobs) to take advantage of a HTGR base of Japan and take an innovative approach in its design, construction, construction and operation. The project aims to provide an end-to-end solution led by energy users while bringing together national and international supply chains.

U-Battery Developments Ltd

U-Battery will determine the optimal size, type, cost and delivery method for a U-Battery Advanced Modular Reactor demonstration. The U-battery RAM aims to provide a locally integrated, low-carbon source of heat and power that can replace the use of fossil fuels.

Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation United Kingdom

The USNC UK project will build on USNC’s existing modular microreactor (MMR) design as the basis for developing and demonstrating a modification MMR+ design best suited to current and projected process heat demands of UK industry. This includes a demonstration of hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel (FAS) production.

Lot 2: Fuel demonstration

The following 2 organizations have been awarded contracts to produce pre-TO FEED studies for the development of coated particle fuel (CPF) for HTGR technologies as part of phase A of the RAM R&D Project:

  • National Nuclear Laboratory
  • Springfields Fuels Limited

National Nuclear Laboratory

This project aims to provide a domestic commercial fuel supply starting with the first fuel load for the HTGR demonstration. NNLUrenco Limited and JAEA will collectively collaborate to develop a coated particle fuel (CPF) to large-scale commercialization, to support HTGR technologies that will enhance the security of the UK’s energy supply and enable UK fuel to be delivered to a global export market.

Springfields Fuels Limited

Springfields aims to determine the most efficient route for the safe and reliable supply of coated particulate fuel, in conjunction with Urenco Limited, to support the range of potential HTGR technologies likely to appear in the UK. This study will focus on UCO-kernel TRISO as a standard CPF fuel type for contemporary HTGR designs but will design the facility for maximum flexibility to manufacture a wide range of variations on this fuel.