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AgriGold continues research and development of specialty products – AgriNews

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. — AgriGold continues to develop specialty products for farmers looking to diversify their crops.

The four major specialty corn products are waxy corn, food grade hard/yellow endosperm, hybrid white, and conventional yellow dent.

Chuck Hill, Head of Specialty Products at AgReliant Genetics, shared an update in each category at the AgriGold Specialty Products Conference.


The A643-17W Hybrid is new to the lineup.

“We are very happy to be back in this market,” Hill said. “It was in 2015-2016 the last time we sold white corn. But we have never stopped looking for white hybrids that will compete.

“This hybrid competes on yield, grain quality is very good and plant health is very good. We will have a very limited amount available next year.

waxy corn

In 2022, a new hybrid is in the lineup for the eastern Iowa market. The A638-63 Waxy Double Pro is a 108 day hybrid.

“With waxy corn, we have a diverse genetic background among the products,” Hill said. “The top three are A640-51, which is 110 days, A642-99, which is 112 days, and A644-15 at 114 days.

“You will notice that all three of them come from different (genetic) backgrounds.”

Beyond 2022, AgriGold is testing an experimental 112-day hybrid that shows promise, Hill said.

Research into the waxy version of a popular yellow bump, A641-54, is ongoing.

Corn with hard endosperm

“Maize with hard yellow endosperm has a good list of hybrids,” Hill said. “There are a few hybrids below 99 days.”

The A6499 is popular in export markets. There is also interest in A644-19.

“We’re always looking to improve the roster,” Hill said. “I’m going to be looking at a lot of hybrids this fall. My #1 rule on these hard-endosperm hybrids is – they have to be hybrids first. This market is so competitive. You want the best things on your list. is what we are looking for.

Conventional yellow tooth

“I would put this (conventional yellow tooth) line against anyone in the industry in terms of hybrid count and elite hybrid count, or new hybrids and new germplasm,” said Hill.

“We consider ourselves to be a leader in the conventional seed industry. We take the conventional market very seriously. We are looking to grow in this market.