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5 Workshops & Short Courses In Tokyo To Join This Spring | Metropolis

Metropolis readers get an exclusive 10% discount on all workshops and continuing education courses at Temple University, Japan Campus uuntil May 20.
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It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Temple University, Japan Campus has made learning easier than ever with its exclusive 10% discount for Metropolis readers about his upcoming short courses in May. Whether you’re looking to start something completely new, expand your skills, pursue your hobbies, meet like-minded people, or work on personal improvement goals, Temple University, Japan Campus has a course that suits you and your availability.

We’ve rounded up our top five courses to join starting in May from Tokyo’s favorite university for adult education.

Web Design: Introduction
May 28 – July 16

Ever wanted to learn how to build a website, but never committed to it? Take the next step with this introductory web design course. During eight sessions, you will learn how to create, update and design a modern website for a professional or personal project. The course explains how to create a basic web page using software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and XD, as well as HTML and CSS.

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Introduction to yoga
May June 28 – 25

Learn the practical aspects of yoga and how to bring the ancient techniques of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha into your modern, hectic life. Start with the breath – Ujjayi – then develop your skills with poses and meditation, all taught in a simple and effective way. You will focus on both the physical body as well as the mental and emotional levels. Leave the course with a durable and solid foundation for self-practice.

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Cognitive Psychology: Understanding the Human Mind (online)
May 24 – July 12

Your brain powers everything you do, from breathing, eating, walking and sleeping. What is fascinating is that everything happens without our even being aware of it. Imagine the potential our mind would have, if only we learned to appreciate it and use it effectively. This course aims to provide knowledge and training on how you can effectively use your brain to improve all facets of your life, whether related to work, family, personal life or health. Learn about ‘visualization’, ‘SCOTOMA’ or ‘blind spots’ and concepts like ‘going beyond your comfort zone’ and see how it can change your life.

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SDGs: challenges of sustainable development (online)
May 24 – July 12

Develop a better understanding of sustainability, the SDGs and international development towards a global future with this course. Particularly recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about the environmental issues facing global society and the actions being taken, as well as those preparing to study abroad or work in the non-profit sector . Pre-readings, guiding questions and problem-solving strategies will help participants address key themes.

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Japanese Newspaper and TV News (Intermediate) (Online)
May 28 – July 30

Ditch the textbooks and dive into language learning through Japanese newspapers and TV news. Review real Japanese newspaper articles with experienced instructor Aki Matsukura and use new clips as material. Quickly repeat phrases often used in Japanese news to catch points faster and more accurately. You will also improve your conversational skills by exchanging opinions on news content and practicing speaking using important words in the news. An essential course for any intermediate level learner.

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