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US drone makers to use Malta for research and development

Malta’s infrastructure will be used by U.S. drone manufacturers and software providers to support their research, development and global commercialization goals as part of a “strategic initiative”.

The initiative between Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate, Malta Civil Aviation Authority and Ummmanned Aircraft Systems Center at San Bernardino International Airport was announced on Thursday.

TM said Malta is recognized worldwide as a key aviation hub, with drone technology increasingly targeted.

This initiative, formalized by a memorandum of understanding, “provides a solid platform to leverage the capabilities of both entities, with SBD’s UAS Center serving as an advantageous test and demonstration site in Southern California for companies of drones based in and around Malta”.

Charles Pace, Director General of the Civil Aviation Directorate, thanked the US Embassy and the SBD UAS Center for their collaboration.

“We can certainly help and gain experience through such cooperation and quality projects coming to our shores,” he said.

SBD’s UAS Center Administrator Kimberly Benson said the partnership would allow its enterprise customers “to scale faster and more efficiently in the European market.”

This partnership was supported by the US Commerce Service of the US Department of Commerce working in conjunction with the US Embassy in Malta.

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