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The vocational training sector is catching up with the trend of digital transformation

One of the major contents of the digital transformation of vocational training is the conduct of training activities in a digital environment, which makes it possible to improve management efficiency and expand training methods as well as the people’s access to vocational training through the renewal of content and teaching, learning, examining and evaluating measures.

Pham Vu Quoc Binh, Deputy Director of Vocational Training Administration of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, affirmed that digital transformation in vocational training is a process of integrating and applying technologies digital.

Meanwhile, Professor Do Van Dung, former director of HCM City University of Technology and Education, said digital transformation is a vital factor that helps vocational training activities adapt to the situation. current situation, to reduce costs, improve competitiveness and increase efficiency, laying the foundations for autonomy and the change of mentality of the sector and the realization of a shared education.

Ho Thi Ngoc Thuy from the University of Saigon stressed the need to accelerate the digital transformation so as not to miss the opportunities brought by the fourth industrial revolution, because in the period of global integration, the education sector and of training in general and vocational training in particular are not outside the global trend.

One of the important solutions adopted by many vocational training institutions is to accelerate the process of digital transformation and upgrade their infrastructure system and equipment, as well as reform their training curriculum. They have established close links with companies to develop training programs and organize training activities as well as to transfer modern training technologies.

According to the Vocational Training Subcommittee of the National Council for Education and Human Resource Development, so far, many vocational training institutions across the country have started to apply computer training equipment and materials. and digital technologies in teaching activities, while many have digitized their teaching. documents, and others have collaborated with outside organizations to implement digital libraries.

Source: VNA

Vocational training: NV prepares the best workers to welcome both small and large companies

Vocational training: NV prepares the best workers to welcome both small and large companies

Vocational education must be well organized to produce enough workers who meet the requirements set by investors in the current wave of FDI, experts said.