Vocational training

TERI expands vocational training for people with disabilities

SAN MARCOS, Nov. 1 – TERI, a San Diego North County-based nonprofit serving people with developmental disabilities, is set to expand its vocational training for people with developmental disabilities at its center professional Tom & Mary Tomlinson on the Charles R. Cono TERI Life Campus in San Marcos.

The research-based expanded vocational training, developed by TERI’s special education team, will offer several vocational courses in retail, restaurant and culinary services at its vocational center. Students will receive real-time training in TERI’s operational retail store, cafe, and culinary kitchen. The courses are designed to provide job training opportunities for participants with the goal of finding local employment with North County businesses. TERI fosters the unique skills and creativity of each person they serve so that those people can be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

The retail store, Sheri’s – A Unique Boutique, and the Common Grounds Café and Coffee Bar, both opened to the public in October. Although the center is designed to provide job training for people with disabilities, it also serves as a community resource for local businesses and residents, providing space for meetings, clubs and events. Special events are held regularly, such as TERI’s recent Oktoberfest.

CEO and Founder Cheryl Kilmer says, “Providing career opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities further advances TERI’s mission to change the way the world sees, supports and empowers people with disabilities. Their gifts shine when given the opportunity and they are able to contribute meaningfully to our community as a whole. This is just the beginning for us. As the Campus of Life is built, additional professional training programs will be added to our curriculum and expanded.

Located on 20 acres in northern San Diego County, TERI’s Campus of Life is open daily (except Sundays) to the community. Its retail and cafe are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, for shopping, coffee and beverages, and high-quality take-out meals and snacks. To take away or enjoy on TERI’s outdoor terrace, which can accommodate 40 people.

Future plans for the site include eight additional buildings operating a Health and Wellness Center, Aquatic Center, Culinary Institute, Fine Arts Center, Performing Arts and Music Center, School of Bronner’s Day, Learning Academy, Child Development Center, Founder’s Center, etc. TERI’s certified organic agriculture will be extended to the campus providing 6.5 acres of additional space to grow fruits, herbs and produce for use in its culinary, residential and retail programs. Once the campus is built, the current Oceanside and San Marcos facilities will be moved to campus. Fundraising efforts continue as campus completion plans move forward.

For more information about TERI, please contact Kim Jacklin, Director of Development, (760) 721-1706, [email protected]or visit https://www.teriinc.org/.


TERI (Training, Education & Resource Institute) is a San Diego North County-based nonprofit organization that has been creating dynamic solutions for the millions of people with developmental and learning disabilities and their families since 1980. The Teri’s mission is to change the way the world sees and helps children and adults affected by special needs.

Through extensive research and the development of over 20 model programs and services serving nearly 900 individuals and families, including residence halls, K-12 schools, fitness and wellness programs, adult enrichment and vocational training, they offer a repeatable program and service model. Through its innovative programs, the organization has been recognized in the industry as the highest standard of care for this population, with families coming from all over the world to experience TERI. For more information, please visit https://www.teriinc.org/.