Vocational training

Start of job-guaranteed vocational training courses in Eskişehir

Start of job-guaranteed vocational training courses in Eskişehir

The Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), which continues to work under the theme “Youth Employment” determined by the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the years 2022- 2023, organized ‘Employment Guaranteed Training Course’ in Eskişehir OIZ.

Noting that it aims to meet the need for qualified personnel in industry and other sectors in the TR41 region in Bursa, Eskişehir and Bilecik, BEBKA Secretary General Assoc. Dr. M. Zeki Durak said, “As the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, said, we have started our work on including 100,000 young people in employment. In this context, we organize meetings with institutions such as chambers of commerce and industry, vocational training centers, organized industrial zones and representatives of companies in these zones to determine the qualifications required of the workforce. ‘work. As a result of these interviews, we determine the quality and scope of work needed. Relevant skills with interviewed organizations kazanWe design training and vocational training programs. We started to implement the first of these training programs in cooperation with the Center for Professional Training and Development (MEGEM) operating within the framework of the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone.

With the support of BEBKA, the trainings of CNC machine operator, CMM-supported quality control operator and immersion gas welding operator have started in order to meet the need for qualified personnel in the Eskişehir industry. at MEGEM. Noting that BEBKA has accelerated its work particularly on the topic of “youth employment”, Durak said: “Employment-secured vocational training courses have started with 50 trainees selected from high demand. It was expected that 2.5 months and 400 hours. At the end of the training provided free of charge by our agency, the trainees will be given a certificate by the MEGEM. At the end of the training courses organised, all trainees are suitable for employment. kazanWe are aiming at. Our objective is to contribute to the solution of the need for qualified personnel and to support employment by carrying out these training courses in Bursa and Bilecik.

Saying, “We make sure that our young people have a job at MEGEM and we make a very important contribution during their lifetime in a positive way,” said Nadir Küpeli, chairman of the board of directors of the organized industrial zone of MEGEM. ‘Eskişehir, “MEGEM is one of our companies to which we attach particular importance as an OSB, and we incorporated this center in 2018 and responded to the needs of our industry in education. We made it responsive. For about 5 years, MEGEM has been playing a major role in increasing the skilled labor needed by industry in Eskişehir. With the contributions of BEBKA, 50 of our trainees will be trained at MEGEM and will participate in the life of the company in this new school year. More than a thousand people whom we have trained so far are now working in very good conditions in major industrial establishments.