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Shikho Acquires Professional Online Course Platform Bohubrihi to Expand Product Offering

Shikho, the Dhaka-based EdTech startup, has confirmed that it has acquired Bohubrihi, one of the country’s leading online professional course platforms, according to a press release. This decision marks an acceleration of Shikho’s broader vision to provide quality education and teaching to learners of all ages in Bangladesh.

Shikho, which already provided students with affordable digital resources and tools to succeed in their academic courses, will now be able to do the same for those who want to learn professional skills.

The deal would involve both cash and stock. As part of the agreement, Bohubrihi co-founder and CEO, Md. Yanur Islam (Piash) will continue to lead the company by joining Shikho as head of their professional learning vertical.

Announcing the deal, Shahir Chowdhury, co-founder and CEO of Shikho, said, “Yanur has deep expertise in the field and is a proven entrepreneur who shares our passion for democratizing access to high-quality education. . We are deliberately building a team of visionary leaders and Piash will be instrumental in realizing our ambitions as Shikho evolves rapidly and moves towards professional and competency-based learning.”

Bohubrihi was founded in 2016 while Yanur was still a chemical engineering student at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Today, the platform has over 100,000 registered users, 63 professional and skill-based courses with over 4,500 video lessons.

Students can enroll in a variety of courses that generate tangible career-oriented learning outcomes. Some of the most popular courses on the platform include web and app development, data science techniques, and digital marketing methods, among others.

“We founded Bohubrihi to create a localized solution for quality professional online courses. When I started talking to Shahir, I realized that we shared a common understanding of instructional design and the belief that technology will help solve educational problems. I am very excited about the future and this new challenge as we seek to scale and unlock several immediate synergies by leveraging Shikho’s world-class technology and data architecture. For learners at Bohubrihi, this means an enhanced learning experience, better support and a better chance of success with closer links to industry,” said Md. Yanur Islam, now Head of Professional Learning at Shikho.

Since raising a $1.3m seed round from global venture capital firms in August 2021, Shikho has released several new courses for secondary and higher secondary certificate exams, launched a Live Class bringing to market a first of its kind interactive digital classroom application, introduced a web portal and grew its team from 60 to over 280 employees.