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Opening of strategic research and development facilities | military scene

Two complex technological laboratory facilities designed to give the scientific and technical talents of the Space and Missile Defense Command the opportunity for hands-on in-house research and development have officially opened.

The SMDC Technical Center Technology Complex held the groundbreaking and inauguration ceremony of the Directed Energy Systems Integration and Air and Missile Systems Integration Laboratory on August 8. The complex will be a focal point for research, development and engineering advancement in strategic directed energy weapons technologies as well as other key elements of Army modernization efforts.

“For the Directed Energy Systems Integration Lab, it’s really a one-stop shop,” said Lt. Gen. Daniel Karbler, SMDC commander. “We can do everything from computer simulation, to testing subcomponents and subsystems, to verifying and validating real systems. Having all of our capabilities literally under one roof is invaluable.

“These facilities are fantastic. Instead of having to cross the country to another range, we can just walk out of our garage doors. We can pull it, test it and see if it succeeds or not. And if not, we can use our analysis and find out what we need to do to fix it. So it really speeds up our results analysis time.

DESIL is a 5,400 square foot facility designed to provide the military with a consolidated capability to support an end-to-end directed energy system, from software simulation to subcomponent system testing, to subsystems and verification and validation tests of the complete system. .

It has an integrated characterization and test environment with specialized safety systems for directed energy; specialized directed energy characterization technology to facilitate the measurement and verification of directed energy systems; 400 meter directed energy range for full system performance measurements; and a distributed network with other partner organizations for directed energy research to share information.

DESIL’s inauguration ceremony ended with a ribbon cutting by Karbler; Richard De Fatta, SMDC Deputy Commander; and Michael Krause, acting director of the command technical center. Afterwards, attendees were given a short tour of the facility before moving on to the groundbreaking and inauguration of AMSIL.

AMSIL is a 6,400 square foot facility designed to enable the rapid development and fielding of future weapon systems through integration and interoperability testing, sensor design, and command and control, d pre- and post-flight test analysis as well as verification and validation within an accredited