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The Marie Auxiliatrice Technical and Vocational Training Center receives modernized equipment and training for teachers


(MissionNewswire) Marie Auxiliatrice Technical and Vocational Training Center of Lomé, Go, has been providing vocational training to poor local youth for over 30 years. Recently, with the support of Bosco Global and the financial support of the Municipality of Malaga, Spain, the Salesians were able to carry out the training of teachers and the renovation of the equipment of the center.

“This project is an opportunity to improve the work we do here at the center,” said Antoine Koudokpo, workshop instructor at the Center de formation technique et professionnelle Marie Auxiliatrice. “This opportunity is not only in the interest of the students but also of the teachers, because it facilitates the teaching and improves the performance of the work of the students because what we do not have the opportunity to teach in theory, we have the opportunity to do that in practice.”

At the start of the project, equipment was purchased for electrical training to replace obsolete equipment that is no longer used in the labor market. Once the equipment was installed, teachers were trained in its use and how to teach students to use it correctly. Other activities will be forthcoming within the framework of the project.

Since the opening of the center, thousands of young people have received training. Over the years, the center has gradually expanded and improved its educational offer. Today, several courses are taught, including electricity (with different levels of professional qualification), electrical installations, metal construction, carpentry and computer maintenance.

Being able to access specialized vocational training in Lomé makes the difference between having well-trained young people prepared for employment or having young apprentices left with insufficient training and exploited in the workplace. The goal is not only to properly train Salesian students so that they can obtain employment, but also to ensure that they understand the appropriate working conditions and receive a salary commensurate with their skills.

More than 80 percent of Togo’s rural population lives in conditions of poverty, making the country one of the poorest in the world, according to UNICEF. The country’s children suffer the most with nearly 50 percent of those living in poverty under the age of 18. One in eight children will not reach their fifth birthday and the number of children who drop out of school because their parents cannot afford to educate them is high. Children are also often forced to work in exploitative and dangerous conditions in order to help support their families.



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